Getting Ahead: ‘Tattle Tails’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Columnist

When I was in grade school there were always those students that loved to tattle on anyone who took part in any mischievous behavior. We called them tattle tails.

I never could understand why they wanted to tattle on every little thing that someone did so I concluded that they were trying to impress the teachers. Every once in awhile we had a teacher that did not listen to the tattle tails and actually punished those who consistently came to them to tell on someone else. I really liked those teachers!

As I look back on those times, I can see that those people who were always telling on others needed attention. To get that attention they were making more enemies than friends. They also were able to get the attention off their own inadequacies as they pointed out the faults of others.

Are we many times just like these tattle tales? Are we really demonstrating, in an abstract way, a type of denial that covers up how we really feel about ourselves? What is going on when our first impulse is to blame someone else for what is happening? Are we dealing with the same inadequacies and low self-esteem that most of those tattle tails were facing in their life? What problems do we create in our relationships when we do not address this tendency in ourselves?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Columnist