Getting Ahead: Looking forward to the change in seasons

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Columnist

When I was growing up we could hardly wait for school to let out for the summer. It was a time for swimming in the creek and playing outside all day in our short pants. Summer would pass and we would go back to school. But autumn was just around the corner and we could hardly wait for autumn because it meant hunting season was coming and our school would even let out for the first day of hunting season.

We no sooner got our guns oiled and put away and the excitement of winter would set in. Winter meant sledding, ice skating, and best of all, Christmas. As the snow was giving away to rain and wind we started to get very excited about spring. Spring would bring about green grass, flowers and Easter. Then the cycle would start over and we would look forward to summer vacation once again.

What has happened to that exciting expectation? Now when summer is here the heat is unbearable, autumn brings on all types of allergies with the dying and decaying of the plants and tree leaves, winter means frozen pipes and car trouble, and spring winds tear off our roof and the pollen fires up our allergies again.

Is it possible to look forward to the changing seasons both in our climate and our everyday life and be excited about it? Are there lessons to be learned from reflecting on our past that will make our present better? Is there a way that we can look forward with the anticipation we possessed as children? Do we have the tendency to ignore those childhood feelings as irresponsible? Are there those that are still looking forward with excitement to the changing of the seasons?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Columnist