UMW of Grace UMC holds February meeting

Submitted by Leslie Teter

The United Methodist Women of Grace United Methodist Church met on Feb. 1 at the Commission on Aging.

Following lunch, the women heard a prayer and self-denial presentation by Joyce Lott. She told those gathered that 100 percent of their donations to prayer and self-denial will go toward Women’s and Children’s Health. Two stories were shared that demonstrated a great need, both in third world countries and places in the United States, for teens to receive feminine hygiene products. An offering was collected for prayer and self-denial, as well as one for Meals on Wheels and Second Mile Giving.

Following the program, president Karen Bernard opened the business meeting. In the absence of secretary Sandy Flach, Bernard read the minutes from the September meeting and briefly reviewed the events of the December meeting. Leslie Teter, acting secretary, shared thank you notes from The Well, SOCKS, and Planet Youth.

Patty VanMeter gave the treasurer’s report and presented the budget for 2017.

Old business included information about the new cooking teams and matters that related to the operation of the kitchen. Plans for advertising and serving the upcoming Lenten Luncheons were shared with the group. Lunches will be held on Thursdays at noon March 2 through April 13. The cost is $8 and reservations will be due in the church office by the preceding Mondays.

Pat Gall, chairwoman of the reading program, reminded ladies to turn in their reading lists. It was announced that the Sunday morning breakfasts held between services have been discontinued.

New business included information about the new UMW program booklets. Because there were only a few changes to be made to the 2016 booklets, each circle leader was given inserts with relevant information to distribute to their circle members to add to their 2016 booklets. This will be a cost-savings for the UMW.

The Deborah Circle will be serving an upcoming wedding reception. There were no other Circle reports.

The Deborah Circle will be hostesses for the next meeting on June 7 at the church. The carry-in meal will begin at 6:30 p.m. The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Leslie Teter