Getting Ahead: ‘Taking care of business’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Columnist

I was privileged to know Hovie Lister and J. D. Summer. They both had necklaces that Elvis Presley had given them because they sang backup for him in the recording studio and at live concerts. The necklaces were made of solid gold and the pendants were lightning bolts with the letters T C B attached to them. The letter stood for “taking care of business” which was a slogan that had special meaning to Elvis.

I never was told by either of these men if there was a particular story or event behind this slogan and they have since passed away. Taking care of business is necessary for success so there may not be any special circumstance that gave Elvis the desire to pass this slogan on to those who were close to him.

I was also privileged to spend time with a man in Alabama that owned the telephone company in his area. His life slogan was very similar; “If you don’t watch your business, no one will.” He lived by it and was very successful. He has also passed away but his legacy, like Elvis, has lived on.

Both of these slogans are aimed at someone taking responsibility for the outcome of their life. It is very close to “The Buck Stops Here,” a slogan I heard many times while growing up.

It seems that there are fewer and fewer people that chose to live life according to this philosophy. What gives a person the desire to believe this way? Are some just born to be successful and others are not? Is there great advantage given to some very exceptional people and unless you are one of these very exceptional people you are doomed to be unsuccessful?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Columnist