Getting Ahead: ‘A Good Day’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Columnist

This morning I got up, made my coffee and checked he weather, which I do every day. While I was getting dressed, I planned for all of the things I felt that I needed to accomplish before the day was done. I finished getting ready for the day and my wife, Glenda, told me to have a good day as I left the house.

I try to make the best of my time because I am a very involved person. If you are self-employed you have to discipline yourself to do certain things because there is no one standing over you to make you do it. I feel that if I leave these tasks undone, I will get behind.

I have a routine of doing things at given times and if I do not get them done or something else pops up that demands my attention, I can start to experience some frustration. On these days, when I get home and Glenda asks me how my day went, I find that I do not have a real sense of accomplishment. On the other hand, if everything has gone just the way I planned it, I tell her it was a great day.

I am starting to realize that my good or bad days have everything to do with completing the things that I have planned to do. I can make myself a list and start checking off the items as I have completed them and at the end of the day, if everything on the list is checked off, it seems that I have had a good day. But is this the real definition of a “good day?”

What if the things I had determined to put on my list were not really necessary? Is a good or bad day really determined by what we see accomplished? Is it possible that we are just spinning our wheels with many of these things we are giving our time to? When was the last time you re-evaluated the things that you are doing? Could there be things that we should pay less attention to and other things that we should concentrate on? How are the important things that make a good day identified?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Columnist