Getting Ahead: ‘Fixing the problem’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Columnist

I was talking to a man by the name of Bob who helps out at our airport. Bob is an older, very kind man who is a pleasure to be around.

We had been discussing something that happened earlier that I had been involved in. Bob used our tug to move our airplane out of the hanger so a couple other planes could be put in behind it. The tug we had was old and a different motor and transmission had been put in it.

Bob had asked me if I could come out to the airport and help him move the plane, but I was going to be out of town, so I instructed him on how to start the tug. He pulled the plane out of the hangar, put the other two planes in, then pushed our plane back in its place and successfully parked the tug.

A couple days later, I needed to take the plane and get an instrument repaired. I opened the hangar door and jumped on the tug to pull the plane out on the tarmac. I hit the starter; the tug started immediately, but it was not in park, so it jumped forward and damaged the hangar wall.

I have had to fix many things and have learned that too many things get messed up on their own without creating another problem. I was telling Bob how much I hated that this happened, when he said the most profound thing I have heard in a long time. He said, “If a problem can be fixed with money, it is really not a problem.”

Do you think that this line of thinking might eliminate a lot of pressure and worry? Could this change our perspective on what is really important? Do we put too much thought and worry on the financial cost to us? Is money the most important thing in our life?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Columnist