Fayette Garden Club holds picnic at Fish & Game Lodge

By Connie Meriweather - Fayette Garden Club

Members of the Fayette Garden Club arrived at the Fayette County Fish and Game Lodge for their summer picnic.

They were greeted by hostesses Connie and Susan Meriweather as they arrived with their covered dishes to share. Food was placed on a table covered with a red and white checkered cloth.

Members were seated at tables covered with a yellow cloth and a bouquet of pink hardy amaryllis and fern placed down the center of each table. The amaryllis was from the Meriweather garden from plants that were over 60 years old.

President Pam Rhoads welcomed the members and asked Mary Estle to give grace.

After the enjoyable picnic lunch, president Pam opened the meeting with a poem by Grace Noll Crowell entitled “Pheasant by the Wayside.” Congratulations were extended to Mary Estle on her ribbons won at the Fayette County Fair and happy birthday greetings were extended to Jodie Kirkpatrick and Mary Estle.

Roll call was answered by each member giving a name of a favorite leaf they would like to preserve. Some of the leaves mentioned were maple, sweet gum, red bud and oak.

Secretary Susan Meriweather and Treasurer Debbie Carr gave their reports and they were approved as read.

The flower of the month was the hardy amaryllis. This easily-grown amaryllis bulb is goof proof and tough as nails. The hardy amaryllis bulb blooms a colorful pink and demands little in the way of upkeep. It is also known as the resurrection plant.

The horticulture tip was given by Carole Anderson on ways to preserve leaves from a favorite tree. She showed some leaves that she had preserved last fall by using glycerine. These leaves can be preserved by using a solution of one part glycerine and two parts water. For best results, gather leaves in dry weather and cut short branches. Crush or slash at least two inches of the stem and immediately place in the glycerine solution so the stems will draw up the liquid. Then store in plastic bags and hang by the stems in a dark place.

Most preserved leaves will last for several years. Carole passed around leaves that she had preserved by using the glycerine method and showed a beautiful branch of leaves from a maple tree that was preserved and could be used as a decorative swag over a mantle fireplace or a door.

Members attending the picnic were Carole Anderson, Chris Boylan and guest Toni Rogers, Debbie Carr, Marjorie Clifford, Mary Estle, Julia Hidy, Connie Meriweather, Susan Meriweather, Joanne Montgomery, Pat Parsons and granddaughter Sophia, and Pam Rhoads.

The next meeting will be held at the home of Pat Parsons.

By Connie Meriweather

Fayette Garden Club