Prison for man with prior dom. violence convictions

By Ashley Bunton -

A 38-year-old Washington Court House man with three prior domestic violence convictions was sentenced to prison Monday following another domestic violence incident.

Lincoln A. Buck plead guilty in the Fayette County Court of Common Pleas to one count of domestic violence, a felony of the third degree. He was sentenced to nine months in prison but the sentence was enhanced because he was on post-release control supervision from the prior convictions, and a consecutive sentence was ordered for two years, four months, and 13 days. In total Buck was sentenced to three years, one month and 13 days in prison.

Buck was arrested June 22 when the Washington Court House Police Department responded to a call on Leesburg Avenue.

The victim, Roni Terry, said Buck became angry and broke items in the house. In a statement to police she wrote that he came at her and she had to put her arms up to protect herself, but he grabbed her arm and twisted it up her back.

When police arrived at the residence, Buck refused to follow commands and was subsequently tased and handcuffed.

Buck was most recently sentenced to one year in prison April 13, 2015 for domestic violence after police received a domestic violence call and a victim was found with a bruised eye.

He was awarded 68 days jail time credit and ordered to pay the costs of prosecution.

Following his sentencing Monday, Buck was transported to the Corrections Reception Center in Orient, Ohio.

By Ashley Bunton

Reach Ashley at the Record-Herald (740) 313-0355 or on Twitter @ashbunton

Reach Ashley at the Record-Herald (740) 313-0355 or on Twitter @ashbunton