Name of murder victim released

‘Blunt force trauma’ found to be cause of death

By Ashley Bunton -

German Posados-Cruz

German Posados-Cruz

German Posados-Hernenegildo

A homicide victim in Yatesville has been identified as Venancio Garcia-Arquimides, 42, of Bloomingburg.

Blunt force trauma to the head was the cause of Arquimides’ death, according to Jess Weade, Fayette County Prosecutor.

Arquimides was found unresponsive July 20 in an apartment at 11928 State Route 38. Investigators immediately found “indicators of foul play in the death,” said Fayette County Sheriff Stanforth.

Detectives from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office and Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation interviewed residents of the apartment complex and several of Arquimides’ co-workers.

German Posados-Cruz, 49, and German Posados-Hernenegildo, 22, were identified as suspects and charged with Arquimides’ murder.

Cruz and Hernenegildo were stopped by Illinois State Police last Thursday after warrants were issued for their arrest, according to Deputy Brian Murrah of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office in Marion, Ill.

They were transported to Fayette County from Williamson County, Ill. Tuesday and appeared in Washington C.H. Municipal Court Wednesday. Williamson County is located in southern Illinois just west of the Kentucky state line.

Earlier information released by the FCSO identified the son as German Cruz Jr., age 30. A search warrant later revealed a photo identification card showing his identity as German Posados-Hernenegildo, age 22.

During Cruz’s appearance Wednesday, he asked Victor Pontious, Municipal Court Judge, what type of punishment he can get. Pontious said it is punishable by incarceration.

“What about my boy, what’s going to happen to him? He is here,” said Cruz.

Pontious said Hernenegildo is also charged and asked if his son was living with him.

“Yes, we were caught together,” said Cruz.

During Hernenegildo’s appearance Wednesday, he expressed concern about not having any money or a job to afford an attorney. Pontious said, pending approval, he would be qualified for a public defender.

“I have one question,” said Hernenegildo. “My father, is he going to be here also?”

Pontious told him there is also a case pending for Cruz.

Cruz and Hernenegildo are each being held in the Fayette County Jail on a $1.5 million bond.

A preliminary hearing for both suspects is required to be set in the Municipal Court within 10 days.

The identify of the victim was originally withheld pending positive identification and notification of family, according to Stanforth. “With the assistance of the Mexico Consulate, the victim’s family was contacted,” he said.

Editor Ryan Carter contributed to this article.

German Posados-Cruz Posados-Cruz

German Posados-Hernenegildo Posados-Hernenegildo
‘Blunt force trauma’ found to be cause of death

By Ashley Bunton

Reach Ashley at 740-313-0355 or on Twitter @ashbunton

Reach Ashley at 740-313-0355 or on Twitter @ashbunton