WCH DORA in effect next weekend

Baker answers pressing questions about the outdoor refreshment area

By Abby Shrout - [email protected]

The City of Washington Court House’s DORA debut took place the weekend of Nov. 11-12 and will next be available Friday, Dec. 2 and Saturday, Dec. 3.

The DORA, Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area, is an approximately 63.22 acre space allotted in the downtown area of the city.

Chelsie Baker, director of economic development in the city, has received many questions recently about the stipulations of DORA and what the community can expect from its arrival. The most frequently asked questions and their answers are as follows:

What is a DORA?

The Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) is a designated public area which allows alcoholic beverages to be purchased in a specifically designated cup from permitted establishments (vendors) and carried out of their establishments and into the district during specified days and times. Individuals of legal age will be allowed to walk within the boundaries of the district with an alcoholic beverage from participating vendors.

What is the DORA District?

The DORA District for the City of Washington Court House is made up of approximately 63 acres and is the allotted area where DORA cups are available for purchase.

What days and times is the DORA active?

The DORA will be active on the first and second Friday of the month from 5 p.m to 10 p.m. and the first and second Saturday of the month from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. The City may temporarily suspend the DORA for certain special events held in downtown WCH.

What kind of alcoholic beverages can be purchased?

Permitted beverages include beer, wine, and liquor. Drinks must be purchased from participating businesses. No outside beverages are permitted within the DORA district.

Where can I purchase a DORA beverage?

The following establishments have the liquor permit necessary to serve DORA beverages at this time: Elks Lodge 129, Back-En-Thyme Flower and Gift Shop, Salty Broads Patio, and Woody’s Cafe.

What is the DORA cup?

The DORA cup is the official cup of DORA. In order to drink an alcoholic beverage from a participating vendor in the DORA District, you must ask for your drink in a DORA cup. Additional fees may apply. Each cup can also only be used one time.

How do I know what businesses I can go into with my DORA drink?

Businesses serving DORA beverages will have a special decal displayed in their storefront.

Businesses that do not serve DORA beverages but welcome patrons who are enjoying their beverages will have a special sticker displayed in their storefront.

Businesses that are not participating in the DORA and do not allow DORA beverages will have a special sticker displayed in their storefront.

How do I know where the boundaries are?

The boundaries of the DORA will be marked by signage indicating the boundary of the district and no alcohol is permitted beyond that point.

Can I take my DORA cup back inside the establishment in which it was purchased?

No, once a DORA cup has left a participating vendor, it must be consumed before you enter any establishment with a liquor permit or a business with a “No DORA Drink” decal. This includes re-entering the business in which it was purchased.

Can I take an empty DORA cup into a business so I can reuse it?

No, you must dispose of a DORA cup before entering any business with a liquor permit or designated with a “No DORA Beverages” decal. The cups are single-use only.

Can I bring my own alcoholic beverage, pour it into a DORA cup, and walk around within the DORA?

No, only drinks purchased from businesses participating in the DORA are allowed. No cans, glass bottles, or outside drinks are permitted within the boundaries.

Baker answers pressing questions about the outdoor refreshment area

By Abby Shrout

[email protected]