Restaurant Inspections

Fayette County Public Health released the following restaurant inspections:

July 12

Platform Coffee House, 138 Fayette Street, Standard inspection. Violations/comments: Sanitizer found too low at dishwashing sink. Chemical sanitizer must be used to effectively sanitize equipment and prevent contamination. More sanitizer tablets were added to water. A few bakery food items found without source information. Food shall be obtained from sources that comply with the law. These items may not be sold until the source can be identified and found safe. No air gap provided at the ice machine. The hose was found inside the funnel. The hose must be raised to create air gap and for backflow prevention. An air gap between the water supply inlet and the flood level rim of the plumbing fixture must be at least twice the diameter at the water supply inlet and may not be less than one inch. No lighting found inside the storage room closet.

Prime Meats & Deli, 240 W. East Street, Standard and Critical Control Point inspections. Violations/comments: A slicer found stored on top of the handwashing sink bowl and a cardboard box was stored in front of the sink. Hand wash sinks must be accessible at all times during operation for employees. Manager removed the slicer and box during inspection. Stained ceiling found in kitchen area. Leaks must be repaired and the tiles must be replaced. Cracks were also found in the women’s restroom floor. All surfaces must be smooth and easily cleanable.

Giovanni’s, 215 W. Court Street, Standard and Critical Control Point inspections. Violations/comments: No towels or drying device provided at kitchen hand sink or restroom sinks. Paper towels or drying devices must be provided at all hand wash sinks to prevent contamination by hands. All sinks were provided with towels during the inspection. Stained ceiling tiles found throughout the facility. Ceiling leak in kitchen close to pizza oven. All leaks must be repaired and ceiling tiles must be replaced. Soil accumulation found on walls, baseboards, and floor. The facility must be cleaned as often as possible to keep it clean.

Ol’ Redd Wagon Inc., 101 E. Court Street, Standard inspection. Violations/comments: Pre-packaged, non-perishable food only. Overall cleanliness satisfactory. All products obtained were labeled properly. No violation at this time.

July 14

Atkinson’s Bakery, 210 W. Elm Street, Standard inspection. Violations/comments: Mice droppings found in storage room on “old cookie sheets” and inside cabinets located behind the service counter. Also, dead bugs found in the hand washing room. The presence of incense and other pests must be controlled to minimize their presence on the premises by routinely cleaning and using pest controlling devices. It is recommended to have a pest control extermination company treat the facility and seal entry points. Cracked and broken floor throughout facility. Restroom walls are not easily cleanable along with several other walls within the facility. Surfaces must be smooth and easily cleanable. Soil accumulation found in the following areas: inside and outside coolers and freezers, outside equipment, hand wash room, restroom, storage room, kitchen floors, walls and ceiling. It is recommended for this facility to be deep cleaned. The facility must be cleaned as often as necessary to keep it clean. Grease accumulation is also found in hood. Two reach-in coolers are broken. Ice accumulation found in the reach-in freezer located in the storage room. Equipment must be maintained in good repair. The two coolers may not be used to store perishable food until repaired, reinspected, and deemed safe to use. The fryer is also broken. Bags of garbage found stored in the storage room area. Also, equipment no longer being used, stored throughout the facility. Unnecessary items or equipment no longer in use must be removed from the premises as well as any garbage. The facility must be well maintained. Missing ceiling tiles in storage room.

July 20

Ohayo Hibachi Grill, 740 E. Court Street, Standard and Critical Control Point inspections. Violations/comments: No date marking on stored food items in both reach-in and walk-in coolers. Once stored for 24 hours, perishable food must be date marked and discarded within seven days for food safety. Observed time without temperature control for sushi rice, however no record found for dates and temperatures. Employee health illness policy unavailable. Employees must be informed of their responsibility to report any food borne illnesses to managing staff. Procedures for vomit and diarrhea not available. The food service operation must have written procedures for their employees regarding vomit and diarrhea clean-up. Dry food containers found without labels. Food utensils stored improperly inside container. These must be inverted to prevent contamination by hand. A knife found stored on a utensil magnet holder had duct tape wrapped around the handle to keep the blade in place. Food contact surfaces must be smooth and easily cleanable to prevent contamination. The knife was discarded during the inspection. Soil accumulation found in the following areas: kitchen and storage room, walls near the floor and baseboards.