Solar farms coming to county?

Continuation of public hearing scheduled for Aug. 15

By Tyler Flora - [email protected]

A topic that has drawn quite a bit of interest recently has been the potential of solar farms coming into Fayette County.

Essentially, a solar farm is an area typically consisting of multiple acres of land that tends to use ground-mounted solar panels (which are photovoltaic panels, also known as PV panels). Due to the amount of land needed for these farms, they are commonly found in rural locations. The specific location needs to be near enough to an electrical system that can handle the project, so it can’t be located in any random spot.

Currently, multiple solar farms are attempting to break ground here in Fayette County.

Yarotek LLC — a company that invests in the development, financing and operation of renewable energy projects — has applied to construct a solar farm at three locations in Fayette County. One location is located on Old 35 Rt. NW, another is on Yeoman Road in Union Township, and the last location is on Johnson Road in Marion Township.

Two hearings were recently held and were open to the public. Both hearings were on July 25 — one at the Union Township Hall and one at the Miami Trace High School Auditorium. The hearings were not completed and are set to continue at a later date.

According to Fayette County Commissioner Jim Garland, there are some concerns among community members regarding these solar farms.

“From what I have heard, I would say the number one reason would be the eye appeal. Also, some homeowners were scared that the property value would go down,” he said.

Garland continued, “Another big issue is that it would be taking farm ground away, it does take acres away. The people that sell the seed, the people that sell the fertilizer, it’s less acres for them to sell to. I do think that a majority of the people in the community definitely do not want them.”

The continuation of the hearing for the property on Johnson Road will be held on Aug. 15 at 7 p.m. in the Miami Trace High School Auditorium. A date for the continuation of the hearing for the properties in Union Township has not been set yet, according to officials.

The Record-Herald will have full coverage of the Aug. 15 public hearing as well as any new developments on the topic of solar farms.
Continuation of public hearing scheduled for Aug. 15

By Tyler Flora

[email protected]