Construction begins near Wastewater Treatment Plant

By Tyler Flora - [email protected]

The City of Washington Court House recently began regrading a portion of the bike path near the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The project is set to take roughly two weeks, with a third week set aside in the event that weather delays the project. The purpose of this project is to accommodate the flood plain, as well as the work being done at the plant.

City Manager Joe Denen spoke about this project.

“Part of the trail that runs next to the Wastewater Treatment Plant, we have to change the grade of that. This means we have to rip out a big section of the existing trail, regrade it, and put that trail back. This week they will do the grading work and establish the new grade along the creek, and then next week they will come back and they will pave that,” he said.

Weather permitting, this project should be completed by Aug. 5. Safety barriers have been put in place to keep the community safe, due to the heavy machinery that will be operating in the area.

By Tyler Flora

[email protected]