Lindsey accused of victimizing autistic child

By Ashley Bunton -



Mitchell W. Lindsey, 21, was arrested Sunday after he allegedly started an argument requesting money for drugs, grabbed a child, and threatened to kill himself and others.

Lindsey was arraigned Tuesday in the Washington Court House Municipal Court on charges of domestic violence, domestic violence by threats, and unauthorized use of a vehicle.

According to reports, Washington C.H. police responded to call at a home on Seth Way July 3, reporting that Lindsey was outside carrying a knife and saying he was going to kill himself and a female victim. The victim said the problems began when she refused to give Lindsey money he requested for drugs.

During arraignment Tuesday, Lindsey told Victor Pontious, the Washington C.H. Municipal Court Judge, that he would never threaten his family.

“I was holding a screwdriver, not a knife,” said Lindsey.

In the report, the victim told police that Lindsey was locked out of the residence, but then climbed through a window and began shouting and yelling. The victim said she told her autistic child to go upstairs to get the other person in the home. Lindsey allegedly grabbed the child by the neck and drug him back down the stairs. The victim said Lindsey then took her keys and left with her vehicle.

“My little brother is the domestic violence victim. He’s severely autistic. He was playing with insulin bottles and needles and I whooped him,” said Lindsey during court Tuesday.

Bond was set at $3,000 cash/surety and Lindsey was ordered to have no contact with the victim.

Lindsey is scheduled to appear for a hearing July 25 in the Fayette County Court of Common Pleas on a burglary charge after he allegedly burglarized a home on Courtney Drive with a hammer.


By Ashley Bunton

Reach Ashley Bunton (740) 313-0356 or on Twitter @ashbunton

Reach Ashley Bunton (740) 313-0356 or on Twitter @ashbunton