Voters approve MT renewal levy

Miami Trace officials thank community for passage

Staff reports

The Miami Trace Local School District’s five-year, 3.2-mill renewal tax levy that will generate $1.9 million for the district each year passed by a 1,319-1,034 margin at Tuesday’s primary election, according to unofficial results from the Fayette County Board of Elections.

“We would like to extend a since ‘thank you’ to the Miami Trace community,” Miami Trace Superintendent Kim Pittser said in a statement. “The passage of this levy will continue to support daily operations (such as personnel, purchased services, and supplies/equipment) in the district. We are extremely grateful for a community that advocates for a quality education for students.”

The operating levy first passed in 2002 and was renewed in 2017 — when it was reduced by $500,000.

An emergency operating levy is a dollar-based levy. An estimated millage amount of 3.2 mills was listed on the ballot. However, the millage amount can change over the five-year period of the levy in order to collect the required $1.9 million. Miami Trace will not receive any more money from this levy than it has for the past five years.

According to information from the Fayette County Auditor, residential property in the Miami Trace district has increased by an average of 22.77%. In an email to Miami Trace staff, the district treasurer, Debbie Black wrote: “That means if your 2020 property value was $100,000, the 2021 value is now $122,770, and your taxes will increase. HOWEVER, the school is not getting more money. The reason is because other property values have gone down.”

The average reductions of other property categories are as follows:

– Agricultural: down 12%

– Commercial: down 36.1%

– Industrial: up 5.94%

– Public Utility Personal Property: down 31.58%
Miami Trace officials thank community for passage

Staff reports