Washington Fire Department reports

The following fire reports were released by the Washington Fire Department (WFD):

March 31 — 555 Depot Drive

Received call from occupant reporting an odor of natural gas inside the apartment and requesting it to be checked. WFD investigation did not detect any gas leaks nor did it detect any carbon-monoxide. WFD changed batteries in multiple detectors.

March 26 — 1771 Old Palmer Road

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a fire alarm activation. WFD was notified while en-route of a false alarm, advised to cancel.

March 25 — 1123 Commons Drive

Received call from resident stating the carbon-monoxide detector was alarming, requesting the apartment be checked. Investigation did not find any carbon monoxide but did detect a natural gas leak at the furnace, and shut off the natural gas supply to the furnace. WFD determined the carbon-monoxide alarm was a result of a malfunction with the unit. WFD advised the replacement of the detector and to contact the landlord to have repairs made to the furnace and installed the detector.

March 22 — 908 John St.

Received a call from a third party reporting the odor of gas and activation of the gas detector in the house of their parent. WFD detected gas concentration of 2.3% LEL inside the residence and further investigation found a leak behind the stove at/near the shut-off valve. WFD attempted to isolate the leak with the shut-off valve, but found there was no improvement in controlling/stopping the leak. WFD requested Center Point Energy be dispatched and shut-off the gas supply at the meter. WFD set up positive pressure ventilation and turned control of the scene over to Center Point Energy representatives.

March 22 — 1108 E. Paint St.

Received call from contractor reporting a gas line was hit while digging. WFD noted the odor of natural gas while en-route and requested Center Point Energy be dispatched. WFD found all construction activities halted and a loud roar upon arrival. WFD established a safe area, noted weather conditions (wind less than 1 mph with vapors rising straight up), and requested barricades be set up in a one-block radius to divert traffic flow. WFD advised residents within the immediate area to shelter in-place until otherwise informed to evacuate. WFD performed air quality monitoring and stood by until repairs could be made.

Several calls were also received involving natural gas odors and were found to involve no leaks — WFD informed them of the gas line leak.