New prosecutor’s office building to be constructed

By Jennifer Woods - [email protected]

A new project can soon be bid on — the construction of a new building to house the Fayette County Prosecutors Office, per a resolution recently passed by the Fayette County Commissioners.

The new building is planned to be located on Market Street, to the left of the Fayette County Court House where there is currently a county-owned parking lot. The reason behind the construction of a new building, according to the commissioners, is in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and needing more space.

The minutes explain, “During the COVID-19 pandemic, the duties and daily operations of the various governmental offices and services of Fayette County have been directly and adversely affected in dramatic ways, to the extent of significantly impairing the ability of the county to continue to provide necessary governmental services as required by law, and the ability of the Fayette County Prosecuting Attorney to deliver such necessary governmental services, and to further protect the public health, safety and welfare.”

It further explains the current offices were originally inhabited in the 1890s, and the space is unable to be physically altered to accommodate current health and safety requirements caused by the pandemic without “extreme and unreasonable restrictions” on the prosecuting attorney and the personal interaction required by law enforcement, judges, witnesses, and the general public.

The plan is to use American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds for the building as the funds are meant to be used for consequences of the pandemic.

More information will be shared on this building once available.

Bids for the construction of the building will be received on April 18 at 10 a.m. in the commissioners’ office. The approximate estimate for the project is $775,000.

The bid date was also extended for a different project — the reconstruction of the parallel taxiway, Phase 2 at the Fayette County Airport. Bids will be received April 11 at 3 p.m. in the commissioners’ office. The approximate estimate for this project is $3,071,000.

Five contracts were recently entered into with local businesses to prepare the Fayette County Airport for the reconstruction project.

The first is with Anders Asphalt to provide labor and materials to add a parking lot in the front of terminal building and end of T-hangar A, remove dirt and prep for black top at the Fayette County Airport for approximately $8,600.

The second is with Havens Family Landscaping to provide labor and materials to landscape around the entrance sign and four sides of the terminal at the Fayette County Airport, including removal of old mulch, weeds and debris, edge beds and prepare for installation of new low profile plants and bushes, and add creek run stone around the building for approximately $4,895.

The third is with ConServe Concrete Construction Services to provide labor and materials to chase and clean 500 feet of shrinkage cracks in the concrete apron for the airplane fueling area at the Fayette County Airport for approximately $2,990. Cracks will be sealed with appropriate crack filler to prevent water seepage.

The fourth is with Custom Landscape Contractors to provide labor and materials for the installation of a stand-alone generator for the terminal building at the Fayette County Airport to include manual switches for #1 hangar, water building, AWOS and runway light vault. Also included is LED lighting wall packs in front of terminal building and north end wall of terminal for approximately $22,300. The expected completion date is June 20.

The fifth contract was also with Custom Landscape Contractors to provide labor and materials to pressure wash all concrete, terminal building, runway light vault, and concrete around fuel tanks and to repair rotted wood, paint trim and cover with fascia metal at the Fayette County Airport for approximately $5,480.

As for resolutions, another resolution was recently passed which authorizes Rod List, EMS operations manager, to declare inventory that is no longer working or used as surplus inventory.

On March 21, a public hearing was held regarding proposed changes to the Fayette County Zoning resolution. There were no notable objections or public comment recorded.

Per the recommendation of Fayette County Sheriff Vernon Stanforth, a quotation from P&R Communications Service out of Dayton was accepted for a BDA (bi-directional amplifier) annual maintenance agreement, Tier 3 Option at a cost of $4,304. The services will be provided at the Fayette County Adult Detention Facility.

A proposal was also accepted from Quali-Tee Design for the design and installation of interior and exterior signs for the Pentzer Building, located at 105 E. East St., for $2,435.

Information in this article was provided by the Fayette County Commissioners’ Office. Stay with the Record-Herald weekly for more updates. The Fayette County Commissioners’ Office is located at 133 S. Main St., suite 401 in Washington Court House, and their office hours are Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. They can be reached at 740-335-0720. Condensed minutes from the meetings are available on the county website.

Reach journalist Jennifer Woods at 740-313-0355.

By Jennifer Woods

[email protected]