Police Arrests/Citations

According to reports, the following individuals have been arrested or cited by the Washington C.H. Police Department. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

March 29

Robert T. Stevens, 24, Elsmere, Ky., criminal trespass.

March 28

Meredith M. Daniels, 30, 567 Tiara Way, expired registration.

Heather M. Gleason, 45, 1025 Dayton Ave., stop sign violation.

William A. Kelley, 49, Springfield, theft (second-degree misdemeanor).

Kevin D. Terry Jr., 40, 741 Gregg St., Fayette County Sheriff’s Office grand jury indictment.

March 27

Ernest M. Wilson, 81, 1225 Gregg St. Apt. 200, expired registration.

Dawn M. Bailey, 30, 2085 Mark Road, expired registration.

William Z. Hill, 20, Columbus, non-compliance suspension.

Tiffany L. Cooper, 28, 1327 Nelson Place, speed.

Jaime L. Braskett, 34, 1005 Broadway St., non-compliance suspension.

March 26

Zachary J. Creagh, 25, Cincinnati, no operator’s license.

Cole M. Campbell, 30, 212 W. Temple St., bench warrant – failure to comply.

James A. Trisdale, 25, 1325 Forest St. Apt. C, bench warrant – failure to comply (two counts), possession of drug abuse instruments (first-degree misdemeanor).

April M. Holley, 60, 1246 Rawling St., theft (summons).

Shawn A. Welch, 44, 637 Yeoman St., bench warrant – failure to comply.

Erin M. Blackwell, 37, 823 Independence Court, failure to reinstate.

Cody A. Fadely, 28, 2414 Bogus Road, bench warrant – failure to comply.

Robert M. Hughes III, 30, 602 Leesburg Ave., Fayette County Sheriff’s Office bench warrant – failure to comply.

Tad E. Price, 46, 1224 B S. Hinde St., license forfeiture, fictitious tags.

March 25

Melissa M. Keech, 29, 826 Independence Court, non-compliance suspension, Fayette County Sheriff’s Office bench warrant.

Melissa K. Walters, 47, 816 Yeoman St., bench warrant – failure to appear.

James E. Riley II, 22, at large, aggravated menacing (first-degree misdemeanor).

Ashley D. Shepherd, 35, 626 Eastern Ave., bench warrant – failure to comply.

Xavier Mclaren Minor, 21, London, obstructing.