Forgiveness, Part 5: The hardest person to forgive is yourself

By Pastor Daniel McLean - Religion Writer

Over and over you kick yourself.

How can I be so stupid? Why did I do that? Why did I do that? You’re an idiot. Look what a terrible mess you have made. Things will never be right.

You made a decision. At the time you thought it was good for you. But you really did not think of what would happen. You still think they deserved it. But then you are ashamed for what you did. You can’t seem to let it go. It nags you over and over.

Often the hardest person to forgive is yourself. You are so hurt, yet you realize that you are the one to blame. You are the one who did it to yourself. And so you want to make yourself hurt.

There have been four previous steps to forgiveness: 1) Seek God’s Forgiveness, 2) Forgive God, 3) Forgive Others, and 4) Seek Other’s Forgiveness. Healing takes time and repeatedly forgiving and seeking. Your sincerity must be proven to people. But God knows already. So that little nagging voice in your head or heart is not God, but someone who brings it back to hurt you.

It is Jesus God’s Son who paid your debt in full. So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free. Believe! Believe that he has heard you. If there is something you did not admit you did wrong, ask God to forgive again. Then believe that he has. Your consistent seeking to be right with God and others will heal. Your consistent forgiving every time you remember the hurt will heal. Your consistent seeking other’s forgiveness and your best actions to make it right will heal.

It does no good to beat yourself. It is crazy to think this will help. God is your only judge. Not you. Not anyone else. Forgiving yourself is throwing yourself on God and asking for mercy. He delights to forgive a broken heart.

This is Part 5 of the series on Forgiveness . The fifth act is Forgive Yourself. For more help call Pastor Dan, 740-239-3539, Court House Nazarene Church.

By Pastor Daniel McLean

Religion Writer