Land Transfers

The following land transfers were released online:

Recorded Feb. 10

BMCD Holdings LLC to Gayle Allen, 3681 Ross Road S.E., Wayne Township, consideration $62,500.

Robert King to Jessica Nimmo and Larry Yeazel, 3435 Rowe Ging Road S.W., Union Township, consideration $231,000.

Randy Furniss to Bengerman and Dawna Everhart, 19 E. Walnut St., Jeffersonville, consideration $18,000.

Gregory and Nancy Noble to Neal and Patricia Noble, 3615 Union Township Bloomingburg New Holland Road, consideration $10,000.

Guy Naylor to Kelley Investments LLC, 143 N. Main St., consideration $100,000.

Recorded Feb. 9

Justin Kuhn to Angelica Brock, 128 W. Temple St., consideration $154,000.

J&K Bath Enterprises LLC to T&H Investment Properties LLC, 229 and 231 E. Court St., consideration $110,000.

Douglas Parks to Lindsay and Nathan Timmons, 3349 Good Hope-New Holland Road, Wayne Township , consideration $259,900.

Lisa and Terry Adkins to Mary Schwartz, 1305 Paddock Loop, $219,000.

Gerald and Mary Cox, 9308 Route 22 N.W., Marion Township, consideration $85,000.

DSV SPV3 LLC to GO AMERICA LLC, 518 Peddicord Ave., Union Township, consideration $20,900.

Recorded Feb. 8

Donna Vicarel to Peter Koomihan, 650 Tiara Way, consideration $270,000.

Recorded Feb. 7

Darrell Wyatt to Clinton Townsend, 631 Ghormley Road, Perry Township, consideration $379,000.

Recorded Feb. 2

Justin Griffitts to John Endicott, 7389 Route 41 N.W., Jefferson Township, consideration $265,500.

Recorded Feb. 1

HB1 Alternative Holdings LLC to Donald Hawk, 3344 Route 62 N.E., Union Township, consideration $150,000.