Ohio settles Volkswagen emissions case for $3.5 million

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio has settled an environmental lawsuit with Volkswagen over the company’s 2015 emissions scandal for $3.5 million, state Attorney General Dave Yost announced.

As that scandal unfolded, the automaker was found to have rigged its vehicles to cheat U.S. diesel emissions tests. and ultimately paid more than $33 billion in fines and settlements.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office also sued the company, alleging Volkswagen’s conduct — affecting about 14,000 vehicles sold or leased in Ohio — violated the state’s anti-air pollution law.

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled in June that the federal Clean Air Act did not preclude Ohio from seeking its own compensation against Volkswagen. In November the U.S. Supreme Court turned away Volkswagen’s appeals.

Yost’s office will split the settlement with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

“These dollars will be put directly toward fighting other environmental cases now and in the future that protect Ohio and its residents,” Yost said last week.

In settling the lawsuit, Volkswagen did not admit liability. “This agreement fully resolves Ohio’s legacy claims and puts this matter behind the company as we focus on building a future of sustainable mobility,” Volkswagen said in a statement.