Commissioners set goals for 2022

New prosecutor’s office, new park in downtown WCH planned

By Jennifer Woods - [email protected]

Goals for the county commissioners this year include building a new prosecutor’s office and a park in downtown Washington Court House, according to commissioner Dan Dean.

Local judges asked the county for more space to allow better distancing and use of that space in the Fayette County Court House, explained Dean. To assist with this endeavor, it was requested for the county to find another location to house the prosecutor’s office.

The current plan being considered is to build a new building on the small parking lot by the courthouse. This building would be approximately 3,000 feet and would meet architectural requirements for downtown if built. The county already owns that lot, Dean said.

The project is planned to go to bid in approximately a month at the end of February, according to Dean.

The other project — a new park — is planned to be built in the former location of the old Fayette County Jail, 113 E. Market St. in Washington Court House. The demolition of the former Fayette County Jail began on the morning of Thursday, Aug. 26, 2021.

After demolition, the site was graded using top soil left over from a project at the Fayette County Airport. The site was then left alone to settle.

Dean said plans for the park include a patio area with sitting space for the community to enjoy while visiting or working downtown.

Fayette County Clerk of Courts Sandy Wilson is allowing the use of certificate of title funding to pay for the project. Certificate of Title funding comes from money that people pay when purchasing titles for vehicles. In the past, leftover funds from those purchases has been used to assist the county with different projects.

“We are hoping (both projects) will be done about the same time since they will be (located by) each other,” said Dean.

Old stones from the former jail are planned to be utilized in the new green space to commemorate the jail that used to be there, according to Dean.

More information will be shared as it is available.

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New prosecutor’s office, new park in downtown WCH planned

By Jennifer Woods

[email protected]