FRHS provides tips for keeping pets warm

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With the colder weather and snow now prevalent, it’s important to consider animal safety and keeping pets warm, according to the Fayette Regional Humane Society (FRHS).

Outdoor animals without sufficient shelter, nutrition and hydration may cause some animals to become very sick or die so it is always important to provide them with good shelter. If it is possible, please bring dogs and cats into a warm area.

If a dog or cat must remain outdoors, please make sure they have adequate shelter with plenty of straw stuffed in and around it to provide additional warmth. Using blankets is not a good idea as they become wet, cold and frozen, which only makes the situation worse.

Recommendations for good adequate shelter should be an elevated structure with a floor, three sides, and a roof with a doorway large enough for the animal to access the inside of the shelter and to have windbreak. A flap of material should also cover the entrance to help keep the additional wind from blowing inside.

The shelter should be large enough for the animals to stand up, turn around and lie down but small enough where the animal can retain the body heat that it produces. Provide them with plenty of unfrozen water for hydration and extra food for additional nutrition as animals burn more energy to stay warm. Horses and livestock should also have access to adequate shelter, food, and water.

Residents of Fayette County, please report animal cruelty by calling 740-335-8126. FRHS humane agents are available 24/7 for after-hour emergencies.

Submitted article