Commissioners discuss solar farm zoning

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During a recent Fayette County Commissioners’ meeting, the potential interest in “Solar Farms” being constructed in the unincorporated areas of Fayette County was discussed and a resolution created.

The purpose of the resolution is to advise the Fayette County Board of Zoning that the commissioners believe amendments are necessary and immediately needed in relation to solar energy systems, as there have been interested parties proposing to construct, maintain, and operate within the unincorporated areas of the county.

Currently, the Fayette County Zoning resolution does not provide specific standards related to such systems. According to minutes from the meeting, with a potential increase in interest, it is a necessity to address the impact on surrounding properties where they may be located and the overall health of the county.

More information will be shared on this topic once available.

In other news from the commissioners’ office, Betty Hoppes was appointed to the Fayette County Board of Developmental Disabilities for a four-year term beginning Jan. 1.

An agreement was entered into with JRG Consulting out of Columbus to provide assistance in developing and executing a strategic plan for the future development of an industrial site known as the mega-site and related property near the I-71/ U.S. Route 35 corridor.

The contract is for 36 months beginning Jan. 1 of this year and lasting through Dec. 31 of 2024. The cost will be $3,000 per month for 10 hours work per month, excluding travel.

Four contracts were approved for the Fayette County Department of Job and Family Services (FCDJFS).

The first contract was between the Fayette County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) and Fayette County Common Pleas Clerk of Courts to provide various clerk services to CSEA initiated child support actions. The total contract amount is $158,549.10 — $53,906.69 is non-federal matching funds (34%) and $104,642.41 is federal matching funds (66%).

The remaining three contracts were between FCDJFS and three different entities for assistance with child placement and related services. Those entities are: New Mercy Outreach (maximum cost $135,000), Department of Mental Health-Eastway Corporation ($95,000), and Safe House (maximum cost $245,000).

Sheriff Vernon Stanforth was authorized to enter into a contract with the Village of Jeffersonville to provide law enforcement services for the year 2022. The village agrees to pay the sheriff $30 per hour for services rendered.

At the recommendation of Stanforth, a housing agreement with Ross County was approved. Ross County prisoners will be housed in the Fayette County Adult Detention Center for $67.50 per prisoner per day. Ross County will be responsible for any ambulance/life squad fees and applicable costs. The agreement began Jan. 1 and will last through Dec. 31.

An agreement with the City of Washington Court House for the housing of prisoners was extended. Those that fall under this agreement were incarcerated due to violation of city ordinances. The agreement now ends Feb. 15.

Per the request of Stanforth, an agreement with Dr. James Michael McWeeney, M.D., was extended to provide physician services to the inmates of the Fayette County Jail. Services will be provided for an additional six months for $15,600. The county will pay for CORSA malpractice insurance for Dr. McWeeney to provide physician services to the county.

The sheriff’s office was approved to use county credit cards for approved work-related travel expenses such as food, gasoline, oil, minor and emergency motor vehicle repair of vehicles owned or leased by the county, telephone and lodging expenses.

Two resolutions were approved in relation to the Fayette County Engineer’s Office. The first allows Fayette County Engineer Steve Luebbe to use “Force Account” in construction, reconstruction, improvement, maintenance, or repair of Fayette County roads, bridges and culverts as deemed appropriate.

The second resolution authorizes Luebbe to approve the attendance of employees of his office to attend various meetings, conferences and training seminars for the year.

Stay with the Record-Herald weekly for more updates from the Fayette County Commissioners. The Fayette County Commissioners’ Office is located at 133 S. Main St., suite 401 in Washington Court House, and their office hours are Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. They can be reached at 740-335-0720. Condensed minutes from the meetings are available on the county website.

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