Mrs. Kirkpatrick’s MTES kindergartners talk turkey preparation

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Mrs. Kirkpatrick’s Miami Trace Elementary kindergarten students’ turkey preparation ideas are as follows:

I don’t know what store I would go to get a turkey. My dad would hunt it. When we get it home dad cooks it in the kitchen. Then, we eat it with silverware. We have all kinds of drinks with it. – Alex M.

I would get a turkey from Kroger. When we get it home, my dad usually grills it on the grill. We take its temperature to see if it is done. When it’s cooked we eat it with mac and cheese, green beans with seasonings, and we might have noodles. This year we are going to do it with family members. –Rylie M.

Go to the grocery store and get a turkey. Put some pepper and seasoning on it. Cook it in the stove. I don’t know how hot but cook it for the minutes mom says. Serve it with corn and good things. –Ellie C.

Get a turkey from Wal-Mart. When get it home, put it in a pan with seasoning and that’s all. Put it in the oven for 8 minutes at 9 degrees. Eat it with hot dogs, beef and that’s all. – Peyton M.

I would get a turkey from Cooper’s dad because he is a good hunter- they find everything. To cook it, I would give it to my mom. I think she cooks it in the kitchen or grill. Serve it with ham, potatoes and flavored drinks. – Noah P.

We get a turkey from Wal-Mart and put it in the oven plain. Cook it for 20 minutes at 5 degrees. We serve the turkey with salad and crackers. – Tess B.

Get a turkey from Tom and MaryLou because they have turkeys on the farm. Cook it with some BBQ or ketchup. Cook it for 1 hour at 4 degrees. You can serve it with soup and maybe some chicken. – Georgia B.

Go to the farm and get a turkey. I don’t eat turkey but I would put vegetables on it and cook it for 5 minutes at 7 degrees. Eat it with vegetables and steak.- Brady B.

Get a turkey from the store. Wash the turkey and put salt on it. Cook it at 7 degrees for 1 minute. Make some fruit and green beans with it. – Amelia B.

Get a turkey from Kroger. When home, wash it and put a little salt on it. Cook for 5-6 minutes at 8 degrees. Serve it with fruit, salad and noodles. –Maci C.

Go to the woods to get a wild turkey because they are delicious. Cook it up by putting it in a pan to fry it. But, first, take off the feathers and get the bones out. Serve it on a fancy plate with chicken, hot dogs, and rooster meat.—Cooper C.

Get a turkey from a farm. I would help mommy and daddy carry it to the oven. Sometimes we add “seasons” to it. I don’t know how long they cook it, but cook it on medium. We eat turkey with fruit and vegetables. – Elouise T.

Get a turkey from the butcher. Put something green on it and some garlic on it. Cook it in my oven for 20 minutes at 35 degrees. Serve it in a pan with mashed potatoes and corn casserole. – Esselen T.

Get a turkey from the store. Cook it on the stove with seasonings. Cook for 8 minutes at 9 degrees. Tear the turkey apart using a fork and knife and eat it. Serve it with mashed potatoes and gravy.—Kayla W.

Get a turkey from a farm- it would still be moving. Put it in a huge pan with salt and pepper. Cook it outside in a back yard for 20 hours. When it is done eat it with ketchup and candy canes. – Izzy W.

Get a turkey from Kroger. When home cook it in the oven with salt and carrots. Cook it at 1 degree at 4 hours. When cooked, eat it with French fries and lettuce. – Bradley V.

Get a turkey from Aldi. When home, put it in the oven plain. Cook it for 1 hour at 250 degree. When it beeps it is done. Serve the turkey with corn, green beans and gravy. – Keaton M.

Get a turkey from Wal-Mart. When you cook it, put pineapple on it first. Then cook it with spaghetti in the oven for 15 hours. Serve it with a spoon, fork and eat green beans and baked beans. You can also have steak with it. – Carter D.

Get a turkey from a forest because we can catch turkeys. Cook it for 40 minutes at “cooking temperature”. When it is done, serve it with hot sauce because I like it hot. Eat it with macaroni and soda because I like soda. – Zeek N.

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