Thanksgiving day traditions for Fayette Christian third graders

The following are Thanksgiving day traditions for Fayette Christian School third graders:

On Thanksgiving Day, we have a feast and play and talk, then we have carrot cake.

— Jaxson

On Thanksgiving Day we cut the terky, set the table, and I play with my cousins and we go to the barn with my Grampa and when we get back we eat the terky.

— Silas

On Thanksgiving Day, we wach the parade and the dog show. Then are family comes over for lunch. We have turkey and more. We have so much fun.We play and eat. My Mom’s family comes over and my Dad’s family comes over. We talk then we pray. Then we eat and after play more.

— Sadie

On Thanksgiving Day, with Dad we have so much fun. We eat Thanksgiving food. Then we have a fire and watch TV, With Mom we go on a V. K. to the beach. And we go out to eat and have a fun time.

— Jillian

On Thanksgiving Day, we get up and say “HappyThanksgiving” and then, we eat breakfast and get ready to go to my Grandpa and Grandma house for lunch and Next, we go to my Uncle’s, Aunt’s and cousins’ house for diner and play with our cousins. And Then we go home and that’s our Thanksgiving Day.

— Bailey

On Thanksgiving Day we help Mommy make mashed potatos. When Mommy and Daddy wakes up Ava and me yell out Happy Thanksgiving. Are cousins also come offer and play with my aunts and uncles. We all eat turkey, mashed potato’s, noodles, mac-n-cheese, tuna casaroll, carrots, cookies, crackers, and drink V8 juices. My cousins, Ava, and me eat candy too. Do funny things with Kellan my little brother. Ava my twin sister likes to make him laugh on a very special day. Then are cousins leave but frst they go on a trampoline with us. When they go we clean up there messes and eat any leftovers different days.

— Emma

On Thanksgiving day we….wake up, and eat turkey, stuffing and my favorite corn! And thank God. And rake the leaves and when we are done we jump in them! And we invite my cousins too! And bring are cat outside and take a picture. And we eat again. Then we go to play in the house. And we sometimes even have more time and are cousins,Braydn, Brennan and Brylee, leave and we play and cuddle with are cat. And we eat Dinner, and then we eat Desert. Finally, we get ready for bed and brush our teeth. It is a day to remember.

— Ava

On Thanksgiving day, we give thanks to God and we have fun and play bing bag toss and then we eat and then we have our uncles and aunts come over.

— Brantley

On Thanksgiving Day we go to my kusins house and we eat turke and we have lot of fun.

— Ben

On Thanksgiving Day well I am going to hang out whith my family and my cozens and eat turke and maspotatos and then we we’ll say what we are thankful for and we talk.

On Thanksgiving Day we eat turkey and I see my cousins at my grandmas house. We aregue a lot.

— Urijah

On Thanksgiving Day, we have so much fun! First, we have Thanksgiving dinner. Next, we play games.Whoever wins get a flag, signs, decoys, and more. Then, we spend time together. We thank the Lord for providing this food. Sometimes we dress up like Indians or Pilgims. We go around the room and we say what we are thankful for and give a speech. Then, we sing songs and our cousins and family come over. Are cousins are Madaline, Alanha, willow, silas, siras, eva emily, colton, and more. Finally, we eat pumpkin pie.

— Sinserally,


On Thanksgiving Day at my mom’s last year we did not do anything but have her friend over, but we did have fun! This year, we are going to my grandma and grandpa’s house and I do not no what we are going to do but I think it will be an enjoyment. But I have a important job and it is that I have to make a treat. I am pretty good at making treats. So I hope that I have fun.

At my dad’s we go to my grandma’s house. I am not going to be with my dad this year. But I hope thay have fun, but if I were there we would have a big fest. Most of my family would be there and I would play with my cozens Emma, Toben, and Brooks. I have a nuther cozen but he is just a baby. His name is Hutson he is Toben’s brother and I would have the best time if I was there.

— Love,