What is the Fayette Christian School pre-K 4 class thankful for?

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The Fayette Christian School pre-K 4 class is thankful:

Ms. Hook – for my PreK friends and family

Mrs. Bell – for my family

Piper B. – for my mom

Krosbi B. – for slime

Caelan B. – for my mom

Lincoln B. – for my hamburger monster truck

Brady B. – for my mom and dad

Grace B. – for my sweet dog

Joey C. – for my mom

Treycin D. – for my daddy

Harvey D. – for hamsters

Gracelyn D. – for my sister Keagan

Dallas D. – for my toys

Kiran E. – for bunnies

Macie H. – for Hensley

Harlan H. – for mom and dad

Waylon J. – for toys and pets

Rylie M. – for Noah

Zeke N. – for Miss Hook

Noah P. – for Ellie & Archie

Tobin S. – for my puppy

Akira T. – for my toys

Grant T. – for tractors

Gracelyn T. – for family and that God created everything

Georgia U. – for toys

Beckett W. – for tractors

Hensley Y. – for my family


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