Police Arrests/Citations

According to reports, the following individuals have been arrested or cited by the Washington C.H. Police Department. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Oct. 17

Tara R. Woods, 38, Sabina, OVI, OVI per se.

Tisha L. Bennett, 39, 221 Walnut St., disorderly conduct (fourth-degree misdemeanor).

James V. Green, 43, at large, disorderly conduct (fourth-degree misdemeanor).

Oct. 16

William Z. Wolfe, 28, 240 Chestnut St., disorderly.

Roy D. Perkins, 45, 806 Washington Ave., disorderly.

Paul E. Huffman, 73, 1029 Grandview Ave., speed.

Emily L. Pettiford, 26, 521 Albin Ave., dog at large.

Gordon T. Clouser, 23, Bainbridge, backing without safety.

Miranda R. Tackett, 32, 428 Peddicord Ave. Apt. C, Sec. suspension.

Oct. 15

Derek A. Blair, 29, 4034 Main St. SE, speed.

Livia M. Sheppard, 20, 911 Riverbirch Road, speed.

Troy R. Baker, 25, 1003 Yeoman St., FRA suspension, traffic control device violation.

Anthony S. Lemaster, 32, Greenfield, fictitious tags.

Scott Dailey, 43, at large, bench warrant – failure to appear, disorderly.

Oct. 14

Joanna A. Johnson Brown, 24, 513 Eastern Ave., speed.

Kohl T. Krick, 26, Ashville, Ohio, speed, window tint violation.

James V. Green, 43, at large, disorderly.