Land Transfers

The following land transfers were released online:

Recorded Sept. 15

Baleco LLC to Carla and Randall Deatley, 6455 Route 41 S.E., Perry Township, consideration $43,500.

Jackie and Stevie Gullette to Blaize Sedlmeyer, 55 McClain Ave., Marion Township, consideration $16,000.

Aaron Eddlemon and Johnnie Henry to JB Holdings LLC, 1430 Pearl St., Union Township, consideration $8,500.

Recorded Sept. 14

Amber and Hugh Layne to McKenzie and Tylan Martin, 412 Brittim Drive, consideration $275,000.

Carl and Mary Wilt to Jeffrey and Jodi Beekman, 310 Bereman St., consideration $76,000.

Recorded Sept. 13

Dana and Paul Greer to Timothy Angeletti, 726 Broadway St., consideration $144,900.

Jamie Steiner to MLKN LLC, 524 Fifth St., consideration $60,000.

Jeffrey and Pamela Gillenwater to Jackson and Terry Perkins, 5164 Route 62 N.E., Union Township, consideration $229,900.

Lisa Tackett to Melissa Born, 2942 Reynolds Road, Jasper Township, consideration $300,000.

James and Regina Wary to Kirby and Sean Wary, 4863 Branen Drive, Wayne Township, consideration $310,000.

Recorded Sept. 10

Beverly Pabst to Richard Massropian, 353 Ely St., consideration $180,000.

Kirby and Sean Wary to Loren Knisley, 213 Emerald Lane, consideration $235,000.

Zachary Brown to Kylie Camp, 918 Millwood Ave., consideration $114,000.

Thomas Pfeifer to Lisa Tackett, 2556 Route 41 N.E., Union Township, consideration $230,000.

Jeffery and Sarah Daniels to Margren Properties LLC, 18 and 20 N. Main St., Jeffersonville, consideration $125,000.

Alan and Jennifer Simerl to NDR LTD, 4581 White Road S.E., Wayne Township, consideration $55,000.

Aaron Hammond to Houston Coe, 25 Maple St., Jeffersonville, consideration $39,700.

Pamela and Ronald Willis to Emma Backenstoe, 329 E. East St. and 211 Sycamore Drive, consideration $229,000.

Recorded Sept. 9

LaRue Properties LTD LLC to Barbara and Dan Summers, 307, 313 and 301 S. North St. and S. Fayette St., consideration $106,000.

James Lokai to George and Henry Snell, 601 E. Temple St., consideration $103,000.

Frederick Quesinberry to Tyler Scott, 236 Henkle St., consideration $75,000.

Jeffrey and Sarah Daniels to Michael and Tamara Lower, 37-39 Colonial Drive, Jeffersonville, consideration $125,000.

Traci Johnson to Aspen Home Rentals LLC, 432 Western Ave., consideration $57,000.

Bradley and Jennifer Hay to Aaron Peart, 27 Cross St., Bloomingburg, consideration $90,000.

Recorded Sept. 8

Pamette Clark and Pamette Enderle to Chase Castle and Olivia Martin, 329 Peabody Ave., consideration $140,000.

David and Teresa Hilderbrand to Rachael Kemp-Williams and Dale Williams, 2550 Route 62 N.E., Union Township, consideration $354,400.

Katharine Morrison to Ashlee Gossett, 941 Gregg St., consideration $120,000.

John and Vickie Baber to Emily and Michael Brislin, 1185 Storybrook Drive, consideration $415,000.

Becky and Cecil Seaman to Bradley and Jennifer Hay, 2626 Route 41, Union Township, consideration $415,000.

Darlanna and Jeremy Williamson to Satinder Kaur and Jasmeen Toor, 750 Niatross Court, consideration $335,000.

Recorded Sept. 7

Jerry Sears to Pamela Vandyke, 1013 S. Fayette St., consideration $119,000.

Douglas Woods to Cecil and Tamara Slaughter, 4893 Dickey Road, Paint Township, consideration $30,000.

Damy LLC to MPJM Properties LLC, 422 Warren Ave., consideration $115,000.

Gwen Laurens to Courtney and Matthew Hazelip, 620 Riverbirch Road, consideration $172,000.