Restaurant Inspections

Fayette County Public Health recently released the following restaurant inspections:

Aug. 19

The Rusty Keg, LLC, 1801 Columbus Ave., standard and Critical Control Point (FSO) inspections. Violations/ comments: Several perishable food items found at 48 degrees Fahrenheit or above inside of the salad preparation cooler. Perishable food in a cold holding state must be 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below to limit the growth of pathogens. All perishable food stored inside the cooler was voluntarily discarded during the inspection and includes: salsa, shredded cheese, chopped bacon, chopped green onions, jalapenos, blue cheese crumbles, yellow peppers, variety of salad dressings (ranch, chipotle, mayonnaise), sliced tomatoes, chopped lettuce, butter, sliced red onions, cole slaw, macaroni salad, potato salad, whip creme, and Parmesan cheese. Scooper handle for flour found inside flour in flour bin located in back kitchen area. Handles must be positioned above food content to protect food from contaminants by hands. Several food containers found stacked while wet in clean equipment area. After cleaning, equipment must be air dried prior to stacking. Soil accumulation found in the following areas: large whole produce bins (onion, potato bins), reach in coolers and freezers, kitchen floor, ceiling, floor drains and storage shelves, walk-in cooler floor and shelves. Non-food contact surfaces must be cleaned at a frequency to prevent soil accumulation and to keep facility clean. Critical Control Point Inspection: Time/temperature controlled safety food — improper cold holding temperatures in salad preparation cooler (above 48 degrees Fahrenheit). Perishable food in a cold holding sate must be 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below for food safety. Thank you.

Aug. 18

Walmart #3251, 1397 Leesburg Ave., standard inspection. Violations/ comments: no soap provided at handwashing sink in back bakery area. All handwashing sinks must be supplied with soap to ensure proper hand-washing procedures. Soap was provided during the inspection. Dented cans found in canned good aisle. Food packages must be maintained in good condition to protect food from contamination. A gap observed between the meat room handwashing sink and the wall. It is recommended to seal the gap. Ice accumulation found inside of the meat room on ceiling and in door frame, and inside of the grocery freezer in the entry way on floor. Equipment must be maintained in good repair. Expired test strips found in produce warewashing area. An accurate test kit for chemical sanitizer concentration must be provided. Hot water not provided at the handwashing sinks located in the women’s restroom. Hot water must be provided at all handwashing sinks to ensure proper handwashing procedures. Trash found on ground in outdoor dumpster area. Garbage refuse areas must be well maintained. Soil accumulation found in the following areas: walk-in milk cooler floor shelves and fan guards, meat room fan guards, meat cooler floor, cake cooler floor, bakery back area floor under equipment and baseboards, deli back room wall near warewashing sink/ mop sink/ baseboards/ ceiling tiles, deli freezer floor, deli cooler floor and fan guards, bakery floor, dairy case shelves, beer/wine area floor and cooler, fruit cooler shelves. The facility must be cleaned as often as necessary to keep them clean. Light bulbs out inside of the dairy case and bacon/sausage cold case. A chemical spray bottle found in back deli room without a label. Working containers must be labeled with common name of chemical content to be easily identified. Expired baby food found on baby food shelves. Whenever a licensor finds expired baby food within a RFE/FSO, the licensor must tag items. These items may not be offered for sale. The licensor voluntarily destroyed the expired baby food. It was recommended to management to check baby food more frequently for expiration.

Pettits Drive Thru #2, 1101 Clinton Ave., standard inspection. Violations/ comments: the chemical sanitizer test strips were found expired. An accurate kit must be provided to ensure proper chemical sanitizer concentrations. Soil accumulation found in the following areas: the facility main floor and walk-in cooler floor. The facility must be cleaned at a frequency necessary to keep them clean. All food temperatures were good. Thank you.