Washington Fire Department reports

The following fire reports were released by the Washington Fire Department (WFD):

Sept. 2 — 1353 Reservoir Court

Washington Fire Department (WFD) received a call at 8:09 a.m. to check an odor. WFD found a natural gas leak in the house. The gas was shut off at the meter and the house was aired out. WFD requested the gas company come to the scene and did not leave until the gas company arrived. The resident listed is Kristen Matson.

Sept. 2 — 3591 US Route 22

WFD received a call of a person burning wire. WFD found an occupant of the apartment building burning the cover off of some wires at the back of the apartment, and that the fire was close to the building. WFD extinguished the fire and advised the occupant, Ashley Mason, that they could not do that and of the burning laws.

Aug. 27 — 821 Maple St.

Call from resident Shiela Howland was received at 9:28 p.m. reporting a gas odor and asked for it to be checked. A leak was found behind the stove at/near the connection of the shut off valve. WFD shut off the gas supply to the stove and advised the resident to contact the landlord, Steve Higgins, to have repairs made.

Aug. 27 — 1213 Yeoman St.

Call from resident Meda Butcher was received complaining of gas odor and asked for it to be checked. Multiple leaks were found at different locations along the gas line branches with metered readings inside the residence at and above 500 Parts Per Million throughout. The gas supply was shut off to the residence at the meter. Assistance was provided in ventilating the residence and the occupant was advised to contact the landlord, Dennis Watson, to have all the gas lines checked and repairs made. WFD contacted Center Point Energy to inform them of the shut off.

Aug. 25 — 400 S. Elm St.

At approximately 4:21 a.m., Fayette County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) reported a general fire alarm. No fire or smoke was detected. Water and air was found leaking from the plumbing near the in-line air compressor. Maintenance was informed and advised to contact a service technician to make repairs.

Aug. 24 — 725 Maple St.

FCSO notified WFD of a burning complaint at approximately 2:53 p.m. WFD found a small pile of grass clippings smoldering in a fire pit at the time of arrival. Contact with the resident was unable to be made, fire was extinguished.