Land Transfers

The following land transfers were released online:

Recorded Aug. 26

Belinda and Scott Jenks to John Jenks, 2645 Carrs Mill-Jamestown Road, Jefferson Township, consideration $56,300.

Frances Grove to Barbara and Dan Summers, 1219 S. Main St., consideration $55,000.

Dianna and Richard Anders to Carolyn Storer, 8429 East St. N.W., consideration $146,000.

Joyce and Robert Marrazzi to Chad Emory and Courtney Gonder, 140 Allen Ave., New Holland, consideration $175,000.

Seth Leasure to Michael Biro, 1037 Dayton Ave. N.W., Union Township, consideration $192,000.

Recorded Aug. 25

Judith Hemphill to Daniel Pease, 529 E. Paint St., consideration $35,000.

Bryce and Lori Bryan to Aaron Spurgeon, 8 Willis Court, consideration $189,900.

Matthew Ellis to Kyle Daniels, 429 Wilson Silcott Road S.W., Union Township, consideration $150,000.

Recorded Aug. 24

Brett and Samantha Kirkpatrick to Rocky Glacier Properties LLC, 914 E. Market St., 319-321 N. Main St., 707 E. Paint St., 424 Clyburn Ave., 741 Rawling St., consideration $240,000.

Penelope Everhart, Deborah and Jose Garcia, Lanny and Susan Griffith, Diana Rener to Samantha Leach, 168 Canterbury Place, Union Township, consideration $219,000.

Tanya Hart ti Daelyn Nance and Brittany Sigmon, 1110 Clemson Plaza, consideration $184,000.

Recorded Aug. 23

Ila and Lloyd Crawford to Nelda and Robert O’Hanlon, 136 Country Manor Drive, Union Township, consideration $277,000.

Chase Fast to Jesse Frisbie, 419 Eastern Ave., consideration $138,000.