Land Transfers

The following land transfers were released online:

Recorded Aug. 12

Mary Jane Perkins to Mathew and Rachel Voss, 2220 Snowhill Road, Union Township, consideration $135,000.

Cheri and Steven Gause to James Harris and Sarah Walch, 245 Staunton Jasper S.W., Concord Township, consideration $300,000.

Chelsea and Joseph Dutchover to Brian Hazelett, 145 McDowell St., Bloomingburg, consideration $183,400.

Bryan and Mary Holley, Scott, Terrie and Tess Springer to Renee Ball, 533 Kathryn St., consideration $195,000.

Recorded Aug. 11

Cynthia and Glenn Merritt to Jeremy Maready, Glenn Merritt and Adam Pate, Walnut Creed Road, Perry Township, consideration $20,600.

Brian and Tina Glass to Blake Bradshaw, 1024 Willard St., consideration $91,000.

Recorded Aug. 10

Josh Martin, Josephine Newman and Crystal Townsend to Sonia Colon and Miguel Echavarria, 1601 Harold Road, Paint Township, consideration $130,000.

Doug Parks to Maria Proctor, 514 E. Market St., consideration $142,000.

JD Rental Enterprises LLC to Karen Vance, 914 S. North St., consideration $137,000.

Bonita and Harry Moore to Rachael Campbell and Roger Howland, 1033 Washington Ave., consideration $160,000.

Brandi Dalton, Curtis Dalton, Jack Redman and Sheridan Smith to Parker Smith, 236 Belle Ave., Union Township, consideration $24,300.

Brent, Dwayne and Lisa Rohrer to William Brady, 15 Allen Ave., New Holland, consideration $25,000.

Leaha Lindsey to Sherri Rayburn, 509 Leslie Trace N.W., Union Township, consideration $157,000.

Recorded Aug. 9

Derrick Arnett to John and Veronica Lawson, 3205 Worthington Road S.W., Concord Township, consideration $165,000.

Kellie and Mark Michael to Aimee and Anthony Bolen, 407 Clyburn Ave., Union Township, consideration $100,000.

Stegs Rentals LLC to Kendra Kimbler and Cory Penwell, 19 Janes St., Jeffersonville, consideration $125,000.

Recorded Aug. 6

Elizabeth and Justin White to David Pettiford, 647 Harrison St., consideration $146,900.

Debbie and Ronald Weade to Paula Amnay, 3560 Culpepper Trace, Union Township, consideration $155,000.

TCK Enterprises LLC to D&T Melvin Enterprises LLC, 1392 Rawlings St., consideration $425,000.

Carol and Robert Langley to Jason Langley, 133-131-129 S. Fayette St., consideration $128,200.

Recorded Aug. 5

Manuela and Scott Dallmayer to John and Karissa Kersey, 329 E. Temple St., consideration $205,000.

Carol and William Hayward, Sheryl and Wayne McCoy to Heather and Jeffrey Wilson, 716 Van Deman St., consideration $65,800.

Recorded Aug. 4

Alex George to Alan Grigsby, 560 Waverly Ave., consideration $200,000.

Joda and Richard Fagan to BJ Wilson, 509 Eastern Ave., consideration $58,000.

Kimberly and Richard Burton to Jayme Maynard, 331 Rawlings St., consideration $148,000.

David and Kristin Preston to Craig Glass and Jamie Miller, 1266 Dayton Ave. N.W., consideration $206,600.

Chelsea and Corey Rose to Joleigh George and Gabriel Roberson, 562 Route 734 N.W., Jefferson Township, consideration $230,000.

Debra Southward to Cassie and Shane Carter, 5484 Plantation Circle and Route 22, Marion and Union Townships, consideration $319,000.

Recorded Aug. 3

Larry and Piper Davison to Arlen Yoder, 618 Leslie Trace, consideration $92,000.

Recorded Aug. 2

Brian Wilson to Willard Carpenter Jr, 511 Eastern Ave., consideration $95,000.

Michael and Tamara Lower to Brandon Walker, 1128 Rawlings St., consideration $101,000.

Samuel Brown to Marcus and Tanya Livingston, 2841 Route 734 N.E., Paint Township, consideration $315,000.

PJO Properties LLC to Ashlyn and Kameron Kearns, 119 N. Hinde St., consideration $159,900.