CAC to apply for funds to improve ‘Peace House’

News from the Commissioners’ office

By Jennifer Woods - [email protected]

The Fayette County Community Action Commission (CAC) was recently given approval from the county commissioners to apply for funds that will go toward the “Peace House” program.

The approval was given via a resolution. The application is for the Ohio Development Services Agency, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding, which is a target of opportunity program.

The intended purpose for the grant is to make improvements to the Peace House. CAC’s Peace House program is a multi-service program for victims of domestic violence that was first placed into operation in early March of last year.

Essentially, and as previously reported, Peace House is a one-stop shop providing emergency housing, homeless prevention, care coordination, safety planning, crisis intervention, etc. to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

Victims may contact the crisis line at 740-505-0090. For more information on domestic violence services in the community, download the Sheriff’s App. For a full list of Peace House services, please visit

A second resolution was also signed to show support of the “Shaw Wetland Expansion” project.

A proposal has been made of acquiring property adjacent to the county-owned Shaw Wetland area. According to minutes from the meeting, Fayette Soil and Water Conservation District has provided information to the county pertaining to the location, extent, and significance of this property.

As Fayette Soil and Water wants to restore the property to a natural state similar to that of the Shaw Wetland, and the Fayette County Park District wants to improve and maintain free public use of the expanded Shaw Wetland, the county commissioners supports an application for Clean Ohio funds to be used for purchasing and restoring two parcels of land.

In other news from the commissioners’ office, subsidy grant terms of the Targeted community Alternative to Prison (T-CAP) were accepted — which is through the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, Division of Parole and Community Services, Bureau of Community Services.

The T-CAP program is designed to reduce or divert the number of people detained in or committed to state or local penal institutions and correction agencies. The purpose of the grant is to provide funds to Ohio counties to effectively supervise, treat and hold accountable low-level, nonviolent offenders, while safely reducing Ohio’s prison population.

The T-Cap Grant award is for $417,477.50 for the 2022 fiscal year, and $417,477.50 for the 2023 fiscal year — totaling $834,955.

A service agreement was entered into with Kofile Technologies, Inc. for preservation services for the Fayette County Recorder. Preservation services may include conservation, de-acidification, encapsulation, rebinding, re-creation, image capture, image processing, indexing and microfilming, and other related services. The cost is $290,406.31.

Amendments were made to two existing service agreements with AT&T which would allow an additional 36-month agreement once the current term runs out. Both agreements provide Centrex intercommunicating services for county offices.

Sheriff Vernon Stanforth was authorized to enter into an agreement for online weapons permit applications with Permitium, LLC. More information will be released pertaining to this service once available.

A contract was entered into with Marquee Construction, Inc. to provide labor and materials for the completion of repairs to the exterior of the Fayette County court house. The estimated cost of the completion is $49,755.

In a recent Fayette County Land Bank meeting, the treasurer’s report was shared with a balance of $197,730.45. The board received $11,100 for a Millwood Avenue property along with estate taxes of $8,982.73. The board paid advertising expenses of $762.29. The remaining balance was $217,060.87.

Current Treasurer Susan Dunn has resigned from the board with a resignation date effective Sept. 5. The reason for the resignation is that Fayette County Treasurer Susan Dunn is retiring following a lifetime of serving the public and a year of interesting challenges. Dunn served as the longest-running female Fayette County treasurer.

Penny Patton, who has worked for the treasurer’s office for the past eight years and will be taking over for Dunn as county treasurer, will also assume the position of Land Bank Treasurer on Sept. 6.

In other news from the land bank, the title work for the following properties has been completed and the prosecutor’s office will review and present findings during the next meeting: 433 E. Court St., 738 E. Paint St., 1226 E. Paint St., 1228 E. Paint St., 543 Albin Ave., 520 Carolyn Road, 414 Earl Ave., 734 S. Fayette St., 318 Florence St., 615 E. Paint St., 1221 E. Paint St., 419 Western Ave., 304 S. North St., 503 S. North St., 310 Cherry St., 1227 Willard St., 710 Clinton Ave., 903 S. North St. and 803 N. North St.

The prosecutor’s office is in the process of filing with the Board of Revisions foreclosure for the property located at 11880 State Route 38 N.E.

Discussions were held on two parcels of land that interested parties wanted the land bank to consider. One parcel is located on Stafford Road and is owned by Pamela and Michael Newland, while the other parcel is located at 1004 John St. and is owned by Jay Honiker. Title searches will be completed.

The next Fayette County Land Bank meeting is tentatively scheduled for Sept. 13.

Stay with the Record-Herald weekly for more updates from the Fayette County Commissioners. The Fayette County Commissioners’ Office is located at 133 S. Main St., suite 401 in Washington Court House, and their office hours are Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. They can be reached at 740-335-0720. Condensed minutes from the meetings are available on the county website.

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News from the Commissioners’ office

By Jennifer Woods

[email protected]