Donation helps fund Innovative Technology for disaster preparedness and response

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With hurricane and wildfire seasons upon us, the American Red Cross is recognizing Alliance Data — a global provider of data-driven marketing, loyalty and payment solutions headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, for supporting Red Cross Disaster Relief through the Disaster Responder Program with a pledge of $300,000.

Leveraging technologies, with this donation the Red Cross will be better prepared to help meet the needs of people affected by disasters big and small, anytime and anywhere across the United States.

Alliance Data’s generous donation will support RC View, a state-of-the-art geographic information system (GIS) and data visualization tool that provides all localized Red Cross teams nationwide with a shared disaster response capability. Using the latest in cloud technology, GIS capabilities and data enrichment, RC View offers a single platform for disaster situational awareness and decision support. RC View also helps the Red Cross to assess damage, create emergency relief plans and understand which communities need additional support. By replacing time-consuming, manual and paper-intensive processes, RC View is helping the Red Cross expedite its response time, make better resource decisions and ensure services get to people most in need.

“Every day in the face of disasters, the generosity of Disaster Responder members like Alliance Data ensures the Red Cross can provide comfort and care to people in their darkest hours,” said Don Herring, chief development officer at the American Red Cross. “We are extremely grateful for these contributions before disasters strike because it enables us to be better prepared respond to disasters immediately and compassionately, when help and hope are needed most.”

“For both our business strategy and sustainability efforts, Alliance Data recognizes the powerful role that technology, data and analytics play in driving performance and positive impact,” said Ralph Andretta, president and chief executive officer at Alliance Data. “As such, we are pleased to support the Red Cross mission and RC View initiative, as it reflects our approach to effect measurable outcomes in our communities and society as a whole.”

“We’re grateful to Alliance Data for their incredibly generous gift to help fund these digital and technological advancements within the Red Cross,” said Stephanie Byrd, regional executive for Central and Southern Ohio. “Equally, we applaud Alliance Data for being such a wonderful community partner, working with us to support the people and families here in Columbus, central Ohio and throughout the country.”

The Red Cross is making final preparations to ensure it can provide comfort and support to anyone who needs help after a disaster. This year, being ready for hurricanes is even more critical after back-to-back seasons of record-breaking disasters. Last year, extreme weather events created the greatest number of billion-dollar disasters to strike the U.S. in a single year.

Disaster Responder members help ensure the Red Cross has critical resources on hand — before these disasters strike — to immediately mobilize supplies, equipment and trained disaster workers where they are needed most. Contributions by Disaster Responder members have also enabled the Red Cross to adapt its services to help keep people safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

While major disasters like hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and wildfires typically draw national attention, each year, the Red Cross responds to more than 60,000 disasters across the country — the majority of which are home fires. Generous donations from Disaster Responder members enable the Red Cross to provide services at no cost and regardless of income to people in need of assistance.

As a Disaster Responder member, Alliance Data’s support enables Red Cross volunteers to help communities become better prepared and more resilient, educating people nationwide about disaster preparedness and giving them the reassurance and confidence to face crises of all kinds.

Submitted article