Library, Village of Jeffersonville enter agreement

The Record-Herald

Recently, the Village of Jeffersonville and the Carnegie Public Library entered into a new agreement regarding the Jeffersonville Branch Library building and library services to the village.

With the best interests of the community at the forefront of this decision, according to officials, both entities are looking forward to the opportunities this agreement will create.

The village plans to move administrative offices into the branch building, while the current village office space may house a community library, organized and run by village citizens.

This move will provide additional and much-needed work space for village employees, key services to Jeffersonville citizens, village council meetings, and other professional meetings and consultations, officials said. Along with village council, Jeffersonville Mayor Bob Kinzer is diligent when it comes to village commerce and growth, officials said. The village has brought in new industry, and has maintained and funded the community pool, and supports many events held in the village.

The library, with a focus on continued and sustainable services to all Fayette Countians, will continue to present storytime and make Headstart visits, as well as other library programs in the Village of Jeffersonville.

Additionally, the library plans to place a book drop and hold pick-up lockers in the village. These lockers, like those that will soon be available in Washington Court House, will allow library users in the village to continue to borrow library books and other materials from the SEO Library Consortium, which is comprised of more than 100 public libraries throughout the state.

According to Kinzer, the Village of Jeffersonville is looking forward to the opportunity to better serve the citizens of the village and to further develop relationships with business and industry for the benefit of village citizens.

Similarly, Sarah Nichols, Carnegie Public Library director, and the Library Board of Trustees, remains fully committed to serving the village and continuing the most valuable services to support early literacy and access to library materials.

“Our vision includes expanded services throughout Fayette County. Consolidation is a necessary step to achieve these goals, and providing enriching, lifelong learning materials and programming to all,” explained Nichols.

Grateful for a rich history of cooperation, the Village of Jeffersonville and the Carnegie Public Library anticipate increased opportunities for enhanced public service to village citizens, now and into the future.

The Record-Herald