Washington Fire Department reports

The Washington Fire Department responded to the following:


CO CHECK: 1:18 a.m., 2170 Jenni Lane – Received request to check residence for CO. FD found no trace of CO at the time of check.

POWER LINE DOWN: 11:34 p.m., 323 Lewis St. – Received report of a power line down in the alley. On arrival FD found it was a phone line. FD removed the line from the alley.


VEHICLE FIRE: 7:13 p.m., 3498 U.S. 22 E. – Received report of a vehicle fire near an apartment building. On arrival FD found the vehicle well involved in fire. The entire passenger compartment was burning with leaking fuel burning on the pavement around the vehicle. By the time the fire was brought under control the vehicle was completely destroyed by the fire. Investigation found the fire started in the dash area on the passenger side of the vehicle. The exact cause could not be determined.


VEHICLE VERSUS BIKE: 10:04 p.m., Forest St. – Received report of a vehicle versus bicycle accident. On arrival FD found a bicycle pulling a trailer had been struck in the rear. All parties refused medical treatment. FD cleaned debris from the roadway and remained on scene until the roadway could be opened.


TWO-VEHICLE ACCIDENT: 12:39 p.m., Harrison St. – FD received a call for a two-vehicle accident. FD arrived on scene and found two vehicles that had been in an accident with the occupant out of both vehicles. FD made sure the scene and vehicles were safe and put some oil dry on some fluids from the vehicles. Members of the life squad looked at the occupant of the vehicles. FD was no longer needed on scene and returned to station.

MUTUAL AIDE: 1:35 p.m., 2100 Block of St. Rt. 753 – First response for the Fayette County Life Squad.


RESIDENCE CHECK: 6:45 p.m., 1811 Beacon St. – FD received a call to check a residence, because lightning hit a tree beside the residence. FD arrived on scene and investigated. FD used a thermo imaging camera to check the walls of the house for any hot spots in the wall and looked at the electric panel. FD did not detect any problems at the time of the check. FD advised the occupant of their findings.

VEHICLE ACCIDENT WITH INJURIES: 10:42 p.m., 1600 Block Creed Road SE – FD received a call for a vehicle accident with injuries. FD arrived on scene and found the Fayette County Sheriff talking to someone sitting on a motorcycle off to the east side of the road. The life squad put the driver of the motorcycle in the squad and took him to the hospital. FD remained on scene until the squad left the scene.


ALARM ACTIVATION: 8:43 a.m., 1809 Columbus Ave. – FD received a call for an alarm activation at a business. FD arrived on scene and found the alarm system was activated. FD personal try to get into the office to look at the alarm panel, but the office was locked. FD walked around the first section of building and didn’t find any signs of a problem after walk around. FD made contact with a worker on site and got into office, the alarm panel was showing an alarm in zone 1. The worker told FD personnel that zone 1 was the first part of building 1. FD and the worker checked the rooms of building in zone 1 and did not any problems at the time of check. FD had the worker try to reset the alarm at the panel. The alarm reset and showed system was normal. FD advise the worker to recheck the rooms again and to call FD if there were any other problems.