Land Transfers

The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded July 2

Brian Tillis to Carl Allen, 876 Linden Ave., consideration $170,000.

Andrea and James Stone to Robert Heiny and Abigail Williams, 527 Harrison St., consideration $172,900.

Douglas and Lauren Patton to Howard Burge, 407 E. Elm St., consideration $158,000.

Mindy Dye to Timothy Gillian and Auburn Pierce, 1115 Golfview Drive, consideration $163,000.

Recorded July 1

Frances Roberts to Arlene and Orville Perkins, 13 Janes St., Jeffersonville, consideration $95,000.

Kayci and Nathan Rawlings, 8916 Cook Yankeetown Road, Madison Township, consideration $245,000.

Recorded June 30

Yury and Yutu Chijevsky, Lana Iagusheva to Delta Hastings, , consideration $48,200.

Judith and Raymond Rittenhouse to David and Wendy Kuhn, 1032 Andrick Drive, consideration $52,000.

John and Peggy Hunsaker to Clifton Cole, 103 Liberty Place, Bloomingburg, consideration $182,000.

Recorded June 29

Melinda and Randall Hudson to Jess and Laurie Sears, 5993 Jeff Township Pleasantview Road, consideration $40,000.

Mark and Rebecca Morse to Hannah Gotschall, 3682 Route 22 N.W., Union Township, consideration $178,000.

Ivan Moore to Daniel and Kay Kimmet, 821 Leesburg Ave., Union Township, consideration $165,000.

Bryan Anthony, Deanna and Robert Johnson, Doris Southward to CMM Holdings LTD, 819 S. Hinde St., consideration $90,000.

Perry and Ging Investments to Alexis and Jessie Sellers, 21 Maple St., Jeffersonville, consideration $115,900.

Recorded June 28

Larry and Sarah Gilmore to Schaefer Family Farms LLC, 7237 Paint Township Myers Road N.E., consideration $392,400.

Gregory and Jodi Hoyle to Joseph and Mary Kasberg, 1027 S. Glenn Ave., $449,400.

Home Crafters Mended LLC to CK1 Holdings LLC, 434 E. Paint St., consideration $95,000.