Land Transfers

The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded June 25

Daniel and Letha Bernert to Sean Brown, 706 Clinton Ave., consideration $70,000.

Jeffrey and Sarah Daniels to Oleg Khachaturyan, 186 Hickory Lane, Union Township, consideration $40,000.

Recorded June 24

Michael Cash to Brodie Maust, 864 Flakes Ford Road S.W., consideration $300,000.

Deborah and Taylor Wilson to Samuel Brown, 509 Leesburg Ave., consideration $285,000.

Recorded June 23

Garnet Ison to Austin Hixon, 8116 Railroad St., Octa, consideration $30,000.

Melissa Allen (aka Melissa Terry) to Michael Peterson, 805 Duke Plaza, consideration $150,000.

Elizabeth and John Schlichter to Cole Karnes, 1546 Washington Ave., consideration $47,500.

BONBEC Properties LLC to Neil Paulus, 528 Fourth St., consideration $58,000.

Greg and Heidi Phipps to DJT Hawk Enterprises LLC, 608 E. Paint St., consideration $35,000.

Branen Weade Properties LLC to Megan McCune, 609 Purdue Plaza, consideration $133,000.

Recorded June 22

Nations Direct Mortgage LLC to Rhonda Yeazel, 13044 Reid Road N.W., Paint Township, consideration $111,000.

Martha Lewis-Hanna to Jason and Sarah Rothgeb, 2915 Miller Road, Marion Township, consideration $339,500.

Autumn Self to Grace Adair and Marcus Mick, 220 Chestnut St., consideration $95,000.

Recorded June 21

Daniel and Patricia Smith to Claude and Tom Hawk, 509 S. Main St., consideration $30,000.

Aaron Simonson to Seth Simonson, lot 23 of Bakers Addition and part of block 14 of Henkles Addition, consideration $30,100.

Shaves and Megan Huston to MF4H2 LLC, 86 Main St., Bloomingburg, consideration $18,000.