Land Transfers

The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded June 18

Beverly Dove to Audrey and Michael Wycuff, 5589 Route 22, Union township, consideration $100,000.

Kim Tea to David and Emilie Stires, 2675 Route 753 S.E., Union township, consideration $395,000.

Hayden Bottorff to Travis Grooms, 35 S. Main St., Jeffersonville, consideration $133,800.

Dana and Jennifer Holder to David and Joyce Layne, 2784 Wood Road N.E., Marion township, consideration $123,000.

Recorded June 17

Carl, Carol and Paul Minshall to Carl (1/2 int), Kristil and Ray (1/2 int) Minshall, land in Marion and Wayne townships, consideration $1,455.500.

Recorded June 16

S and J Properties One LLC to April Hines, 503 Broadway St., consideration $55,000.

Joyce Bush to Debbie and Ronald Weade, 3560 Culpepper Trace N.W., Union township, consideration $120,000.

Kurt and Melanie Muller to Lewis Barchanowicz, 632 S. Main St., consideration $210,000.

Barbara and Dan Summers to Claude and Tom Hawk, 824 Yeoman St., consideration $58,000.

Harmonee and Zachary Zurface to Heidi Dittmar, 665 W. Elm St., consideration $170,000.

Ronbec Properties LLC to Brandon Geiler, 1106 E. Temple St., consideration $70,000.

Recorded June 15

Rita Fall, Jeffrey Henry and Darrel Roberts to Brandy and Jeromy Clarke, 10111 Harrison Road, Madison township, consideration $250,000.

Mary Wilson to Bonita and Harry Moore, 6894 Stafford Road S.W., Green township, consideration $55,000.

Anna, Annie, Gary Lee, Gary Ray, John, John D., Larry, Larry Lee and Larry Ray Dean, Connie and Dale Page to Gary and Mitzie Dean, 2961 Hess Road, Marion township, consideration $43,000.

Recorded June 14

Tabetha and Todd Johnston to Rachel Kvarness, 812 E. Temple St., consideration $66,000.

Webco Enterprise LLC to Shonda Heggestad, 5148 Stafford Road S.W., Green township, consideration $254,000.

Floyd Knisley to J and S Home Rehabs LLC, 822 S. Main St., consideration $77,000.

Kathleen and Roger Whitt to Alejandro Soto, 111 Holly Drive, Concord township, consideration $223,100.

Recorded June 11

Edie and Jason Jacobs to Terry Stebelton, 7425 Route 753 S.E., Wayne township, consideration $83,000.

Jana and Raymond Deeks to Susanna Grubb, 910 Leesburg Ave., consideration $90,800.

David Cox to Elaine Stalsworth, 606 Forest St., consideration $9,900.

Recorded June 10

Richard Leeth to JL Popp Properties LLC, 648 Perry township, consideration $215,000.

Recorded June 9

Krystal and Tony Rose to Hunter and Taylor Wilson, 916 Staunton Jasper Road S.W., Concord township, consideration $215,000.

Recorded June 8

WC-Washington CH LLC to Well Path Landlord LLC, 1 Carriage Court, consideration $2,312,866.67.

NO-1295 Columbus Ave. LLC to Terraza 7 LLC, 1295 Columbus Ave., consideration $2,377,800.

Bonnie, David, Jo Lynn and Robert Phillips to Adam Boysel, 2079 Dorthea Drive, Wayne township, consideration $175,000.

Joseph Little and Rebekah Studebaker to Brittany and Justin Taylor, 20 E. High St., Jeffersonville, consideration $189,000.

Recorded June 7

Rodney Stark to Andrea and Ryan Stark, 4781 Route 41 S.E., Perry township, consideration $185,000.

William Carey, Emily and Eric Wilson to Ian Wilson, 5632 Inskeep Road N.W., Jefferson township, consideration $120,000.

Recorded June 4

Chan and Naka Sou to Brandon and Miracle Cregar, 313 Worley St., consideration $150,000.

Erika, Grace, Nathaniel and Nicholas Miller to Grace and Nathaniel Miller, 2525 White Road, Wayne township, consideration $34,000.

Linda and Mark Loyd to Graham’s Service Station LLC, 31 S. Main St., Jeffersonville, consideration $75,000.

Marie Ferguson to HMC Farms 2 LLC, land in Jefferson township and Madison County, consideration $304,900.

Recorded June 3

Fayette County Land Reutilization Corp to Debbie and Ronald Weade, 833 Millwood Ave., consideration $11,100.

Miguel and Rebecca Silva to Austin and Katherine Bishop, 36 State St., Jefferson Township, consideration $226,000.

Dennis and Diane O’Cull to Debra and Gregory Holman, 1230 Stuckey Road, Union township, consideration $40,000.

Recorded June 2

Jane and Michael Henry to Mark Edwards and Kevin Frisby, 114 E. Temple St., consideration $60,000.

Amy and Eric Downing to Kristina Humphrey, 115 McDowell St., Bloomingburg, consideration $165,000.

RTB Development LLC to Fleak Brothers Farm Drainage LLC, 3701 Bloomingburg Main St., consideration $20,000.

Recorded June 1

David Frederick to Branen L. Weade Properties LLC, 609 Purdue Plaza, consideration $95,000.

Summer Tree Terrace Limited Partnership to WC Summer Tree Terrace Limited Partnership, 71 N. Main St., Jeffersonville, consideration $1,340,000.