Washington Fire Department reports

The Washington Fire Department recently responded to the following:

MAY 29

MEDICAL ASSIST: 1:23 p.m., S. Fayette Street – Provide medical assistance with the Fayette County Life Squad

REPORT OF BURNING ODOR: 4:19 p.m., 820 Highland Ave., Camellia Court Apartments – Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting an odor of something burning. FD did not find any smoke or fire at the time of arrival. Occupant explained there was a pop sound the new installed washer/dryer unit smelled like it was burning. FD did not find any signs of a fire after checking the breaker in the panel box and the washer/dryer unit itself. FD unplugged the unit and shut off the electrical circuit to the outlet. Further investigation found only one of the water supply lines opened and a distinct odor inside of the unit from either an over heated motor/pump or a belt. FD advised to contact the installer/service technician and to have the unit checked.

MAY 27

REPORT OF SMOKE: 4:17 p.m., 1430 Columbus Ave., Adena-Fayette Medical Center – Received report of smoke coming from the manhole cover in front of the hospital. On arrival FD found smoke coming from the sewer manhole and blowing across the street. While assessing the situation FD found a second manhole at the hospital smoking. FD discovered the hospital had a contractor on site who had smoked the sewer lines and failed to call in prior to starting. FD advised hospital staff to have the contractor contact the fire department once his work is complete.

ACCIDENT WITH INJURIES: 8:03 p.m., Bereman Street – Received report of an accident with injuries. As FD arrived in the area police advised there were no injuries and minor damage and that FD was not needed.

MAY 26

POLE FIRE: 7:22 p.m., 127 S. North St. – Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a pole fire. At the time of arrival, FD found a pole carrying electrical transmission lines in the alley (News plaza) and at the rear of the property burnt through three-quarters of the diameter of the pole with a drastic lean over top of the adjacent building roof. FD requested a crew from DP&L to be dispatched. FD established a safe area, cleared occupants from adjacent buildings, requested barricades from the Washington C.H. Service Department and diverted traffic and pedestrian traffic by shutting down portions of East, S. Fayette and E. Court streets. DP&L restricted power and requested all possible access points to be cordoned off or clearly marked to the affected area. FD turned control of the scene over to DP&L.

ALARM ACTIVATION: 5:12 a.m., 375 S. Glenn Ave., Signature Healthcare of Fayette – Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a fire/sprinkler system alarm. FD did not find any smoke or fire, but noted audible alarms at the time of arrival. FD was met by the night supervisor whom stated water was running out of the ceiling. FD removed panels of drop ceiling near the nurses station and found water leaking above the drywall and running out around the fasteners. FD was informed by staff that the facility was checked and no actual sprinkler heads were open and flowing. FD gained access to the sprinkler room and found additional water leaking above the riser system. FD opened the drywall ceiling and found a pin-hole sized leak spraying water within the enclosed space. FD shut down the water supply to the sprinkler system and opened system drain valves. FD opened the ceiling near the nurses station and found two additional leaks in the distribution line. FD met with the night and day supervisor and informed them of the current situation and advised a continuous fire watch would have to be conducted until the system was repaired. FD met with the maintenance supervisor who found the breaker to the compressor tripped and in the off position. The maintenance supervisor silenced the system and advised contact would be made with the system service to get repairs made. The on-duty fire inspector referred the incident to the proper authority.