Land Transfers

The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded May 14

Laura and Ryan Garrison to Holly and Matthew Lenigar, 1174 Red Mile Boulevard, consideration $322,500.

Kathy and Robert Everetts to Wyatt Jester, 703 Church St., consideration $145,000.

IMAEK Investments LLC to Elizabeth Stanhope, 621 4th St., consideration $122,000.

Thelma’s Enterprises LLC to Austin Meyer, 729 E. Market St., consideration $63,500.

Recorded May 12

Mark and Teresa Russell to Robin Barrett, 1228 Grace St., consideration $75,000.

Recorded May 11

WJH LLC and WJHOH LLC to Bryan McKnight, 1164 Red Mile Boulevard, consideration $228,500.

Recorded May 10

Holly and Matt Lenigar to Britt Groves, 702 Warren Ave., consideration $225,000.

Steven Higgins to Derek Burner, 1403 Washington Ave., consideration $88,500.

Kimberly Allen to Chelsi Roberts, 305 Woodsview Drive, Jefferson Township, consideration $150,500.

Recorded May 7

Kirby Cassady to Gwen Laurens, 5128 Locust Grove Road, Wayne Township, consideration $199,000.

Karen Stires to Deanna and William Caldwell, 7500 Railroad St., Madison Township, consideration $12,000.

Recorded May 6

Ronda and Wayne Turner to Jessica and Zachary Six, 623 Rawlings St., consideration $32,500.

Winnette Lesli Est to Lance Henkle, 43 State St., Jeffersonville, consideration $44,000.

Cowdery Green Valley Farms LLC to Carol Cowdery, 50 Main St., Bloomingburg, consideration $10,000.

Recorded May 5

Asher Development LLC to Wynne Development Group LLC, 683 Washington Duffy Drive, consideration $241,500.

Rhonnie Moore to Aunika Fabin, 120 W. Oak St., consideration $125,000.

Darlene and Thomas Walker to Morgan Cutlip, 1352 Dennis St., Union Township, consideration $130,000.

Angela Steiner to Adam and Melissa Doddroe, 816 Lincoln Drive, consideration $158,000.

Jimmy Bauman to Candy Goulding and David Thompson, 210 Fairview Ave., consideration $129,900.

Danny Buck to Ohio State Property Investors LLC, 411 Earl Ave., consideration $8,000.

Recorded May 4

Brenda and George Schuler to Michelle Knapp, 2100 Greene Road, Paint Township, consideration $56,500.

Brad Cochran Farms LLC to Bentley Land Co LLC, parcel of land located in Concord Township of Fayette County and Wayne Township of Clinton County, consideration $850,000.