Land transfers

The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded April 8

Rebecca and Thomas Butcher to Christina and Jason Wright, 508 Carolyn Road, consideration $135,000.

Carmen and Scott Baird to ADSJ Properties LLC, 1314 Route 22 N.W., Union Township, consideration $120,000.

Vicki Lyons to Ohio State Property Investors LLC, 414 E. East St., consideration $100,000.

Ada and Franklin Taylor to Ohio State Property Investors LLC, 1150 E. Temple St., consideration $18,000.

James and Loretta Capotorto to Ohio State Property Investors LLC, 517 Earl Ave., consideration $6,000.

Recorded April 7

Alan Witherspoon to Friendly Homes LLP, 207 W. Elm St., consideration $25,000.

Barry and Laura Adams to Shawn Madden, 114 E. Newberry St., consideration $139,000.

Recorded April 6

Fayette County Land Reutilization Corp to Christopher Williams, 824 John St., consideration $5,200.

Beryl Raypole to Nicholas Campbell, 621 Miami Trace Road, Concord Township, consideration $145,600.

Beatrice Stratton to C&M Residential Rental LLC, 910 S. North St., consideration $45,000.

Recorded April 5

Larry and Patricia Brickles to Barbara and Donald Hutchins, 102 Taylor Lane, consideration $399,000.

Recorded April 2

John, Marilyn and Paul Zimmerman to Branen L Weade Properties LLC, 1014 Lakeview Ave., sheriff Deed, consideration $43,400.

Rosewood Investment Group LLC to Sally Wisecup, 627 E. Market St., consideration $100,000.