Recycling project set to launch

County granted secure location for recycling

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The Ross, Pickaway, Highland and Fayette Solid Waste District (RPHF Solid Waste District) has completed the new Fayette County Recycling Center project.

The recycling project is located at 1580 Robinson Road in Washington C.H. Thanks to the Ohio EPA, the Fayette County Commissioners and the Fayette County Engineer, residents of Fayette County will now be granted access to a secure location to recycle.

The site now has cameras for monitoring illegal dumping and ensuring proper recycling. Residents may only access the site with an active key fob pass that they can obtain for free by signing up online or calling the district office.

The recycling center will be open seven days a week from 5 a.m.-10 p.m. beginning on Earth Day — Thursday, April 22.

Residents of Fayette County that want to participate in recycling should contact the RPHF Solid Waste District. To contact the district, fill out an online form at or call the district office at 740-420-5452.

The following are rules of the Fayette County Recycling Center:

-This program is for residents only. No businesses will be permitted. One key fob pass per household.

-Allowing non-member access to the recycling center will cause dismissal from the program.

-Only accepted recyclable materials are permitted to be in the recycling bins. Please reference the large sticker on the front of the recycling bins, information on the district website, or call the district if unsure on acceptable materials.

-No plastic bags of any kind are permitted in the recycling bins. Please use paper bags to bring recyclables in, or if it is in a plastic bag, dump the materials out into the bins and take the plastic bag back home. Some grocery stores have bins in the front of the stores to recycle plastic bags.

-Dumping non-recyclable material at the recycling location will be cause for dismissal from the program.

-Lost passes may be replaced upon request at a charge of $15 (cash or check only).

-Admittance into the recycling center may only take place within the hours of operation, 5 a.m.-10 p.m. daily.

More information will be shared in the R-H closer to opening date.
County granted secure location for recycling

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