No mass vaxx in Wilmington this week due to national J&J vaccine shortage

By Tom Barr - Wilmington News Journal

WILMINGTON — The COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Site at the Wilmington Air Park will NOT be open this week (April 14-17) as the vaccination allotment for this area was cut significantly due to the national production loss of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, ATSG Marketing Manager Kym Parks told the News Journal Monday afternoon.

“They have put our location on hold for at least one week to allow the production to catch up to needed allocations,” said Parks. “They chose to do this instead of switching over to another vaccine type, because they believe the draw to the mass vaxx locations is the one-and-done opportunity, and to avoid any confusion switching over.”

No rescheduling is necessary, as there were no previously scheduled appointments made for this week at the Wilmington site. “They were slow to release [vaccination] dates until they received their allocation, which avoided anyone being scheduled this week,” said Parks.

The air park vaccination site is anticipated to be operational next week.

National news outlets report that the allocation of Johnson & Johnson vaccine is expected to fall by 86 percent this week due to issues at a Baltimore manufacturing plant.

By Tom Barr

Wilmington News Journal