Public hearing regarding grant program set for Monday

By Jennifer Woods -

A public hearing regarding the “Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Small Cities Program” has been set in the Fayette County Commissioners’ office for Monday.

The hearing, to be held at 2 p.m., is occurring due to the county’s intent to apply for 2021-22 funds from the grant program. According to commissioner Dan Dean, the reason for the hearing is to get ideas from various entities for what the grant could be used for.

“The block grant keeps changing. It’s changed a lot since I became a commissioner. There used to be one for the city and one for the county. Then they combined them and, every time they combine them, they reduce the amount that we can get,” said Dean. “Usually we do a project in the city or in one of the villages.”

He further explained that for 2021-22, he “believes” they will be able to receive approximately $150,000 via the grant.

In other news from the commissioners’ office, per a resolution, county engineer Steve Luebbe was authorized to enter into a contract with the Ohio Department of Transportation’s sodium chloride requirements for the 2021-22 winter season.

Per another resolution and the recommendation of Fayette County Job and Family Services (FCDJFS) Director Faye Williamson, a transfer of “public assistance, community and protective services” for $55,504 to the Public Children Services Agency fund for child welfare cost was approved.

Two change orders from Granger Construction were accepted for the construction project of the new Fayette County law enforcement complex (the new jail).

The first of the change orders addresses alterations to be made but does not change the cost of the project.

The second change order addresses changes that were requested for IT requirements, BAS system and added cameras and testing. The cost of these changes is $35,448.28, increasing the total contract amount to $21,689,760.

The law enforcement complex is on Robinson Road and includes an administrative area, a 911 call center, and a detention area.

The legislation allowing the funding for the new complex was passed by the voters during the May 7, 2019 special election by a 1,378-1,129 margin. The levy contained two parts — one to fund the construction and one to fund the operation of the new facility. As previously reported, the funding for the jail was a 40-year, $21,002,594 loan with a 3.5% interest rate. Following the passage, construction of the facility began in June of 2019.

Two contracts were approved.

The first contract is with A&A Safety, Inc. for the 2021 Fayette County Pavement Marking Program at a cost of $32,964.66.

The second contract is with Fleak Excavating LLC to provide materials and labor for the installation of tile at the Fayette County Farm. The cost is $16,085.40.

A lease agreement with Great America Financial Services was approved. The agreement is for 36 months with a monthly payment of $130.

A proposal from Havens Family Landscaping was accepted to cut sod, transport and install in front of the Fayette County Courthouse along the sidewalks. The cost is $640.

Amy Joseph was appointed as a county prevention specialist to the Central Ohio Regional Prevention Council for a two-year term beginning March 1.

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By Jennifer Woods