Land Transfers

The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded March 19

Mary Smith to Straathof LLC, 5082 Boyd Road S.E., Wayne Township, consideration $366,100.

Polly Bennett to Webco Enterprise LLC, 10 West St., Bloomingburg, consideration $46,000.

Barbara, Cynthia, Gregory, Jeffrey, Larry, Lu Ann, Scott, and Wynona Detty to Brian and Jessica Detty, 10757 Carr Road, Jefferson Township, consideration $300,000.

Carol Morrison to Emily Riddle and Adrien Rodela, 906 N. North St., consideration $128,000.

Arizona Wood Grinding and Recycling LLC to Brian Gain, 45 N. Main St., Jeffersonville, consideration $153,900.

Evan Pratt to Matthew Marrs, 927 Clinton Ave., consideration $108,500.

Richard Sims to Loandepot Com LLC, 208 West Front St., New Holland, consideration $25,000.

Recorded March 18

Aaron Simonson to Joshua Brown and Madeline Porter, 1153 Campbell St., consideration $123,000.

Recorded March 17

Robin Faust to Kendall Giles, 509 S. Fayette St., consideration $157, 500.

Glenda and John Pfeifer to Betty and Richard Wilson, 9732 Washington New Martinsburg Road, Perry Township, consideration $4,500.

Brian and Kelly Larrick to Dustin and Shanon Russell, 2 Biddle Boulevard, Bloomingburg, consideration $80,000.

Recorded March 12

Ethel and Roger Loyd to Bruce Novak, 615 Leslie Trace N.W., Union Township, consideration $149,900.

Recorded March 10

Johnson Plus Contracting Inc to Lindsey Freeman and Randy Vanwagner, 1023 Washington Ave., consideration $190,000.

WJH LLC to Bethany and Daniel Kinzler, 1124 Red Mile Boulevard, consideration $217,500.

Carmen and Scott Baird to Debbie and Tracy Reed, 324 Ely St., consideration $115,000.

Rex and Robin Lane to Dianna and James Edwards, 2062 Cross St., Milledgeville, consideration $38,000.

Recorded March 9

Patricia Bennett to Tracy and Trent Dye, 541 French Court, consideration $117,000.

LT Land Development LLC to Dimche Veljanovski, land in Jeffersonville, consideration $530,000.

Recorded March 8

Nancy and Richard Beckman to Joseph Brandstetter, 12761 Route 62, consideration $199,000.

Recorded March 5

Barbara and Dan Summers to Rocky Glacier Properties LLC, multiple parcels of land including 621 Delaware St., 311 5th St., 421 Walnut St., and lot 39 in Fairview Addition, consideration $300,000.

Chasity and Ty Wilson to Candy and Thomas McNeal, 204 Eyman Park Drive, consideration $59,000.

Recorded March 4

Aubrey Decker to Christina and Jonathon Young, 603 S. Main St., consideration $180,000.

Jennie and Kenneth Arnold, Ruth Whitaker to Devin and Sandra Fryling, 112 E. Temple St., consideration $70,000.

Kyle and Stephanie Leisure to Jason and Michelle Moore, 424 Leslie Trace, consideration $180,000.

Recorded March 3

Crystal and Gary Spurgeon to Darren Gammell, 729 John St., consideration $123,000.

James Staffan to Emma White, 1524 Greenview Lane, consideration $233,000.

Meade Properties LLC to Nicholas Ledford, 320 N. Main St., consideration $119,500.

Recorded March 2

Jennifer and Zachary Lynch to Norilee and Roger Zimmerman, 554 Mayfair Drive, consideration $273,000.