Land Transfers

The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded Jan. 29

Anne and Gilbert Faulkner to Dina and Kevin Fannin, 7611 White Oak Road N.E., consideration $136,000.

Lonnie and Teresea Copas to Travis Jones, 1131 Gregg St., consideration $84,900.

Webco Enterprises LLC to Ashlee Blevins and Tanner LeMaster, 7961 Route 41 N.W., consideration $155,000.

Recorded Jan. 28

JLB1 Properties LTD to Anna and Steven Ault, 1313 Shoemaker Drive, consideration $293,800.

Kevin and Stefan Roberts to Holly and Larry Chrisman, land on Old Chillicothe Road, consideration $50,000.

David Leeth to John and Tammy Ogden, 125 River Road, consideration $214,900.

Tanger Jeffersonville LLC to JY Destination LP, land in Jefferson Township, consideration $8,000.

Recorded Jan. 27

Linda and Terry Heinz to Nathan and Shelby Heckathorn, land on State Route 62 S.W., consideration $13,000.

Bonnie and Edward Joseph to Paige Kratzer and Adam McCoy, 312 Gregg St., consideration $109,900.

William Alley and Jodie Bauman to Zachery Sedlmeyer, 518 5th St., consideration $72,000.

JLB1 Properties LTD to Jennifer and Lewis Barnes, 429 4th St., consideration $158,900.

Recorded Jan. 26

New Star Development Corp to IMAEK Investments LLC, 1134 Gregg St. (deed in foreclosure), consideration $45,500.

Respiratory and Clinical Supply Corp to DIYA Properties LLC, 399 Willard, consideration $385,000.

Megan and Chaves Huston to William Shine, 429 Broadway St., consideration $171,500.