How to cook a turkey: MTES Mrs. DeWitt’s first graders

Miami Trace Elementary School first graders in Mrs. DeWitt’s class explain how to cook a turkey.

By Aridahi Utrera-Conseco

First, go catch a turkey. Next, put in a pot or a pan. Then, cook it for 9 minutes at 10 degrees. Last, eat the turkey because you are done cooking it!

By Tommy Worley

First, chop up the turkey into small pieces. Next, put it in the fridge. Then, cook the turkey in the oven for 65 minutes at 7 degrees. Last, eat the turkey with your family!

By Corvin Huff

First, break the turkey’s neck and drag it out of the forest. Next, roast it over the fire. Last, eat the turkey!

By Wyatt Meyer

First, cut up a turkey! Next, put flour, salt, and pepper on your turkey. Then, bake it in the oven for 4 minutes at 40 degrees. Last, add some sauce to give it spice and then eat it with your family!

By Braxton Langley

First you have to buy the turkey. You have to wash it. Next, you have to peel it. You have to cook it. Last you have to shove it in your mouth.

By Liam Steele

First, I will put in stuffing. Next I will wash it. Last, I will put it in the oven at 1000 degrees.

By Bryn Kelley

First get out the guts and stuff it. Next, cook it for 7 minutes. Last, eat it! Yum!

By Nate Rodgers

First, hunt the turkey and kill it. Next take the guts out and wash it. Last, cook it, skin it, and shove it in your mouth.