What is Thanksgiving to Cherry Hills students?

The Record-Herald

Mrs. Blair’s class at Cherry Hill Primary Schools finished the statement, “Thanksgiving is….”

Thanksgiving is going to someone’s house and eating a lot of food!

-Jaxton B.

Thanksgiving is going outside to swing and then eating pancakes with Mommy and Daddy.

-Gavin A.

Thanksgiving is eating lots of food at your aunt’s house, like chicken!

-Isaiah C.

Thanksgiving is getting a card from Mrs. Blair.

-Mikah T.

Thanksgiving is when papaw comes to bring us candy in our Thanksgiving baskets.

-Lucas B.

Thanksgiving when you write a card but I don’t know what it is.

-Austyn P.

Thanksgiving is when you give people presents for being nice. We get to eat turkey and lemonade.


Thanksgiving is when we drive a car to school.

-Zane M.

Thanksgiving is when you eat turkey.

-Nova S.

Thanksgiving is when Nana, Papaw, my brother and I make eggs and eat.

-Adalynn B.

Thanksgiving is when my dad, mom, and sister go bye bye to a pizza place.

-Easton H.

Thanksgiving is when we just stay home.

-Ethan M.

Thanksgiving is when you play outside, go to the barber shop to buy food and eat it all.

-Liam H.


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